Prophetic Word for the Church in UK; a new Temple 

2 Chron 1: 3 So Solomon and all the congregation with him , went to the high place which was at Gibeon; for there was the Tabernacle of God, which Moses the Servant of the Lord had made in the wilderness. 

2 Chron 5:2 Then Solomon assembled the elders of Israel and all the heads of the tribes…bring up the Ark of the Covenant out of the city of David which is Zion..they brought up the Ark and the Tabernacle of the Congregation…

In the time of Solomon there existed 2 tabernacles.  The Tabernacle of Moses at Gibeon and the one of David at Zion. 

There was a stark difference between the two. The Tabernacle of Moses had the brazen altar and the sacrifices whilst here related in this passage is the Tabernacle of David with the Ark and the Levites with their praises.

Solomon through the Temple would draw all priests and Levites in a new structure. He would draw together the formal priestly function of Gibeon, the praise and Presence of Zion. 

They were drawn out when the Temple was complete. 

The Lord is doing something extraordinary in our day because from this scriptural example we can see a panoramic view of all Christendom. We can see the formal and priestly function of Gibeon manifest in many of our historic Churches. Some we have prejudiced views over. Then we see the spontaneity and accessible glory of Zion with extravagant adoration of the charismatic neo Pentecostal churches. Gibeon was needed for the constant priestly function which cared for the spiritual covenant of God with the nation. However the Zion Tabernacle was needed to bring the Glory closer to man so that fellowship is restored to the nation.

But God is about to do something new in the UK. He is about to bring a outpouring of the Holy Spirit that shall bring a “drawing out” from the confines of the historic tabernacles. He is saying that He is bringing us out to take us into a new structure in the heavenly realms. 

This is going to be a spiritual move of unity to unify the recognition of New Testament priestly function to administer the requirements of the New Covenant. The more spontaneous groupings are going to be drawn out in their prophetic function  to bring fellowship of the Holy Spirit ever closer to this new invisible structure. 

GOD says today ” I am about to work a work in your days that you will marvel, and will not believe even if it were told You” Habbakkuk 1:5. 

The Lord revealed to me that a new seeking to prayer will come upon all denominations and a House of Prayer shall be raised up without banner without building, without a body to see. Prayer shall be poured out as a spirit, as a sigh, as a desire upon the people.. 

The Lord says He shall draw out…the priests and servants with their altars and vessels. The Lord shall draw out His Levites from Zion with their drums and pianos and guitars. They shall take up the “Ark of the Covenant” with them.

The Lord wishes to speak to this group, indeed you had the Ark for a time but now I desire to place the Ark in its resting place in the Nation. For in generations past so the Covenant was prayed and revived in British society but now He desires through each community of faith to put His Word in the centre of British life. 

For He shall gather what God is building in the invisible realm for there shall be a new dedication prayer and there shall be a new divine response.  (2 Chronicles 6&7). 

For many times in many places has been quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14 But out of the context it was written and heard. It is given in the God who dedicates His new Temple. This new Temple is not the ornate buildings that the Church possesses but the human heart. 

And as the Church in this nation truly recognises the drawing out of the Spirit so as barriers between the formal priestly groups and the spontaneous and extravagant groups so they will unify around the name of Yahweh. As they take their place divinely destined so as prayer is offered so God will seal His Covenant with His Church in the UK with fire and glory. 

The priests and Levites will not be able to minister because the Glory shall fill all redeemed believing hearts and all people shall know that Yahweh is in the midst of the Church in the United Kingdom. 

This Word is conditional because it depends on the response of the people. The leaders to recognise the time. For God has opened a 7 year opportunity. Not to miss this through self made human wisdom. 

GOD is not lifting the UK above all nation’s but He is honouring her as Her people have prayed and are praying. Hear oh hear what the Spirit says to His Church!!!


Russell A Durose

6th June 2017

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