The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua; Yeshua the Prophet part 2 MY HOUSE SHALL BE A HOUSE OF PRAYER 

Isaiah 56says ” my House shall be a house of prayer.

Today the Lord spoke to me about the House of Prayer. It is not by chance that today Charisma publishes an article concerning this new movement through the earth. I was introduced to the concept in 2011 when I would access the IHOP live feed. The Lord started to sow the seeds of continuous prayer in my heart. 

I have to be honest that when Misty Edwards would lead the time at the prayer room in Kansas City the atmosphere used to change.

About the same time the Lord led me to a cottage not unlike the one below.

The Lord said He wanted me to live there a life of prayer. Many nights were spent in prayer till when the dawn broke. Much of what I live now the seeds were sown in those prayer times. 

Our Lord Yeshua had such an encounter with the Spirit at His Baptism, by John. The Spirit came upon Him as a Dove and the Father spoke. Prayer for 40 days in the wilderness prepared Him to transition from being filled to being brought out in the power of the Spirit.

Yeshua was revealed in prayer as He would retire for whole nights in the mountain places to commune in prayer. One such occasion  was upon the appointment of His Disciples. We see that that prayer filled decision chose 12 who would revolutionise the world. 

Another occasion was when He selected Peter, James and John to a mountain to pray. He became Transfigured and Elijah and Moses appeared. What they spoke was the mysteries of Yeshua’s mission in Jerusalem. He was enveloped in Glory that also covered the 3 disciples who also heard the Father speak.

Another occasion was when Yeshua stood at the Tomb of Lazarus where Yeshua prayed and yet again the Father spoke. YESHUA CALLS LAZARUS from the dead and he comes forth. 

When Yeshua arrived in Jerusalem He made 2 distinct visits to the Temple in Mark 11. Here we see Yeshua observe. The next day He enters and expels the marketeers who had turned the Temple into a market place. It is here that Yeshua speaks that the Temple they were seeing then would shortly be substituted.

We turn therefore to the Cross of Calvary where Yeshua cries out to the Father, it is finished! We see the curtain torn. 

The Temple is exposed as a house without the Glory of God…or rather Empty. Devoid of life because God had instituted in Yeshua a new Temple.

We must see in all the prayer of Yeshua that Yeshua Himself was a House of Prayer in which we have an audience with the Father.

It is time that this invisible Temple made of the saints of every generation, be sanctified as a place of prayer. That is as Yeshua offered Himself in prayer in the Garden submitting to the Father’s Will not being pleasant but out of love offered Himself. How much more as we tread in His footsteps we may offer ourselves unto the Father in love and devotion! This is the crux of our own lives being a House of Prayer! 

There are many beautiful places I have been to that have many generations of people who prayed. 

But however these places are sanctified and ornate architecture it makes no difference if the people are NOT themselves the House of Prayer. 

Yeshua gave us the model of prayer. We generally called this the OUR FATHER prayer. It is not the words that matter but the attention to aspects of truth and focus we need in prayer. We need to ask God for a spirit of prayer. It is hard praying. A most difficult of difficult spiritual disciplines.  

It is obvious to Paul in Romans 8 that Yeshua who asked the Father the Outpouring of the Spirit (refer to Peter’s Pentecost message ) is the start of ourselves becoming a house of Prayer! For who? For all nations!!!

The epistles say we cannot naturally pray outside of the ability that the Spirit gives. But He intercedes in our inner man. 

Therefore Paul says the Spirit leads us into effective prayer. 

The Book of Revelation says that our prayers are incense that rise up before God on the Throne. These prayers move history and pave the way for a new heaven and earth. 

For this to happen we need to let Yeshua make us a prophetic House of Prayer. 

So every Abbey, Cathedral, Church dedicated to prayer is effective in the measure that it’s people exercise as Yeshua did, being a House of Prayer!!!


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