Prophetic Word for the UK

The Lord speaks to Jeremiah asking him to seek the ancient paths. Joel speaks of the former and latter rains. 

There is no doubt that the UK has a rich heritage of spiritual revivals of various movements and times. The Lord says that He will come suddenly to His Temple to purify His Levites. 

There is going to be an awakening of purification  of the leadership in many places where a new commitment to understanding the “protocols” to bringing the Ark of God. The Tabernacle is prepared many times but there is ignorance at the Way and methods of bringing His Presence. The way was covered by Blood. Blood of Jesus preaching will come back to the Church. 

There will be a sweet move of the Spirit over the UK to soften hard hearts, to heal the wounds of modern day selfishness. There will be a new attitude to the Church as a whole, and new impetus to Church together movements that aim to bring together various denominations.

In many places where Churches pray together for towns and cities there will be unusual growth in congregations with people in their homes convicted for their need of God. There will be unnatural conversions of criminal tendency individuals who shall become great evangelists.

A new thirst for prayer shall come over the Church as the leaders discern the dryness over the land. Their meetings which they thought ministered to the need did not.

A new appraisal to prayer and worship shall come as ministry to the Lord takes precedent over ministering to people. Worship songs and old hymns about God will make a come back. 

A new Call to ministry and vocation shall be so great that government will RECOGNISE vocation to ministry as a valid career option. 

Revival fires shall alight in the Most surprising places. It will be sudden. Some children’s Sunday school classes being the spark which lights the fire. Some will be in a normal meeting where a wind of inspiration shall come and all will be swept into a wave of prayer. It will not have a pattern of how it happens but as a Church prepares in prayer so it shall take place. 

The UK shall innovate yet again in missionary and educational areas again. 

The land shall be gripped by a new joy, a new hope, and bookshops, Christian cafes, retreat centres shall be full. Celebrities shall have spectacular conversions.  

Russell A Durose


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