The Edict of Cyrus and the Letter of Brexit

But in the first year of Cyrus the King of Babylon the same king Cyrus made a decree to build the House of God” Ezra 5:13

Today is a momentous day in the Plan of God.

Today is a day of decree.


Our Prime Minister today signed a letter of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which officially gives notice that the nation of the United Kingdom officially leaves the EU in 2 years time. The Lord spoke to me concerning this today. He said as this is a decree to the nation and the nations the Lord is making a comparison with another decree, which turned the fortunes of the Children of Israel, in a foreign land. In Ezra we see that the Lord moved the heart of a foreign king to order by decree the building of the Temple and the return of priests and people.

Just as the decree by Her Majesty’s government has ramifications which are shattering the globalist agenda for the EU and the world, so just as much as this changes the fortunes, so God is making a comparison with the Decree of Cyrus.

Jeremiah had prophesied that the Captivity would last 70 years in chapter 29. Daniel understood this prophetic word and understood that the time had come for its fulfilment. He set about praying. He set about an intense prayer marathon. 


The Lord is speaking that we must know the times and seasons. Our captivity is over. God is causing governments to DECREE IN FAVOUR OF HEAVEN’S AGENDA.

The success of Brexit is not in the Houses of Parliament, it is in the prayer closet. 

When we remember the world war in 1939-1945 so we hear both a classical history lesson, what we do not normally hear is the war that Rees Howells fought in the heavenlies. Years of prayer brought the downfall of the Nazi regime.

Many reading this post may have voted to remain with the EU. Maybe there is a little disquiet about this change of direction. We, the Church can decide about what Brexit we are going to have. The agenda cannot be decided through politics but through prayer. The divisive message must be put aside. The message must be that the Church in the UK is taking her place to rebuild the House of the Lord. Brexit is not a political change, but a spiritual one.

Cyrus gave legality for the purposes of God to take shape in the land. The House was to be built because a King decreed it.

Revelation says we are KINGS and Priests unto our God. So our decree in prayer is powerful to bring in the changes needed.

Today is a day of demarcation. Today the captives return to rebuild. The Gospel is that rebuilding, and the message of unification around the Cross of Calvary is a unifying message, the House of God is a people who profess the name of Christ.

In Cyrus’ day there were maneouverings to thwart the decree but it was a WRITTEN document as much as is THERESA MAY’S NOTIFICATION OF THE TRIGGERING OF ARTICLE 50.

In Daniel’s vision we do not see political parties, what we see is powerful princes vying for dominance. We see Babylon fall away, the coming of Persia, the coming of Greece. How much more today!


In Daniel 7 we see Jesus( Yeshua) ascend and was presented to the Ancient of Days. He was given Dominion and a Kingdom. Philippians completes the reality, that He was given a name whose Name commands all to confess Him as Lord, and to bow the Knee.

And the prophetic word today is: Just as the decree goes out to the EU from the Prime Minister, so my decree goes out to build my House in the Land. Rise up Church and take your place in present history to be a catalyst to be the greatest renewal and harvest the world has ever seen…this day is a turning point. It is a day for rejoicing, for I am turning the fortunes of the United Kingdom under the United Kingdom of Heaven. Arise…for this is a new build my house in prayer, preaching, prophesying.



Russell A Durose



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