Projecting our vision for 2017 and beyond…


The Lord wants us to speak of vision. In Luke 1 we see men and women speak of the things that God was doing and they were filled with the Spirit and prophesied. We believe God wants us to share in this wise, as God has been contending in me to publish this post for a few days now.


God’s programme against which we shall project the activities which God has put in our hearts for this year and beyond. The Lord has put in our spirit that a great revival is coming to the Church universal. Right from the historic mainstream down to the independent church congregations .There is a spirit of prayer being poured out, and God is waking up His prayer warriors to pray.

I think this is necessary to stem the tide of the agenda of satan to bring war between nations and economic disaster. The volume of prayer which come forth as a river which shall swell and shall flood the nations with glory.

When God is about to do something He sets His people in groups and places to pray and speak of the prophetic things God has spoken for which He shall do. He is gearing up for a GREAT WORLD HARVEST OF SOULS like we have never seen the like of. 

The technological age shall leave souls barren and the Holy Spirit shall go forth to show people their desolate state and they shall seek with desperation for satisfaction of the thirst God shall put in their souls.


The Lord has quickened in me to make available in person the deepening of the series in any local that cares to invite us to worship and present the 5th Gospel as a prophetic panorama for what He is about to do, what He has done, what He did in the past.

I believe that the Bible has historical lessons we can bring into the contemporary scene, which are turning points for the Word of God. For example I believe we need to make available seminars and conferences on the Lessons from the Restoration of Nehemiah, Zechariah, Haggai and Esther. Bringing into context the prophecies of Jeremiah, the ministry of Ezekiel, and the role of Daniel in the transitions between Babylonian power to Persian. This shall be available for weekends etc.

These weekend facilities shall prepare the Local Church to grasp the prophetic perspective so that it can position and align, so that in flowing with the Kairos we will see a coming alive in congregations of corporate gifts, the raising up of gift ministries. The key operation of the Holy Spirit is to revive the local Church, whatever its configuration not paying attention to denominational titles and banners.


God is about to raise up a prophetic generation. To meet this, I am writing a manual to be a foundation to what is the Prophetic Office, the Prophetic Anointing and Prophetic Gifting. This shall be a training resource so that schools and seminars can be set up in the localities where it is received. Pray I complete this. Pray for equipment for it to be written.


The cry of the Bride and the Spirit was unified in its desire to see the MANIFESTATION OF YESHUA IN OUR MIDST. Prophetic worship does not centre on us being blessed but it focusses on our vision of Him. In Isaiah 6 we see the angels, the cherubims and seraphims sing “Holy, Holy” and all shook because it is this which shakes the creation to align itself in the things God is doing. Heaven is full of prophetic adoration of the Lamb. This needs to be reflected here on the earth. We pray for a raising up of our own prophetic worship team.


The Lord’s last prayer before the Father was that we be ONE. I believe that as God created the nations, and man his denominations, it has gone to divide the Body of Christ in such a way that man’s division has caused a great disadvantage to the way the Kingdom operates. The prejudice, prejudgment, closed mindedness has done more damage to the effectiveness of the Gospel. Therefore these divisions must be pulled down through the Spirit who encourages, orchestrates unity in our relationships with people who have a different expression to our own. That is foster Christ like attitudes to the Catholic and Anglican movements, encourage unity between Pentecostals and Baptists, Methodists with United Reformed, or Episcopalian with Orthodox Churches. Each denomination was once a great movement of God in restoring to the Universal Church truths and expressions. However what man does is ring fence.

This is not the Spirit of Christ. The Spirit of Christ flows, and one day we shall all be dressed in white and made to stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ.

The Spirit of God indicates to me that He will move in very surprising circumstances. And in some unusual places. To catch this revival of God we will need open minds, thirsty hearts and passionate spirits to seek Him.

Our ministry project here will attempt to minister in whatever Church, whatever group not according to terminology but to the Biblical truth. God wants to birth in us that Spirit of Unity.

These are just some of the projections which the Spirit is giving us…as we speak of the great things may we be filled with His Spirit and prophesy them…

Pray for us.

3 thoughts on “Projecting our vision for 2017 and beyond…

  1. I am richly blessed by all that you send. Thank you so much for ‘writing the vision’ as you just did and for sharing it.
    Mary Alice >

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