Companion vs Lordship by Pam Clark

Companionship vs. Lordship
by Pam Clark (

We NEED the Lordship of Christ. We NEED true discipleship! But too often there comes a disconnect from the true faith, and a lot of that is based on human idol worship.

This is a challenging subject but is one the Lord has been highlighting to me for a while. The strength of the Body of Christ in America is at a crossroads, and lot of that is based on the teaching or false teaching that people are getting.

We ALL need to come before the Cross of Christ and bow on both knees. One time I was praying with one knee bowed and an Angel whacked me (not abusively) and knocked me over and said, “I said EVERY knee shall bow!!!” When you are bowing on one knee, it’s realy easy to get up in a hurry and go your own way. Humility is both knees bowed to Him.

We need Lordship, but few teach companionship. But it’s there and it is available. But in that companionship is great humility and the Presence of God is there and sensed. There is a power in that Presence that touches the hearts of those around it, and you will get different responses.

A parent is a good example of this. And we have many kinds of parents out there; some good, and sadly some not so good. But the parenting of God can make up for that! But a parent is a lord and then also a companion. When this is out of order, damage will occur!

A parent or lord will teach and discipline. But when the lessons are learned, they move into companionship, at many different levels. Then they often become friends, but the lordship part is not
forgotten. We are taught still to “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the earth.” There is some wisdom in there. It’s not for just the small children!

We grow in increments, line upon line, precept upon precept, and we can do well and then sometimes need to get reminded. But proper grace in the Lord is also there, if we get to know Him in the right Spirit.
I am seeing clones of many “lordship” ministries, but the pattern is becoming evident, and it’s not a good thing! They will claim a few miracles and then tell the people to come “under them” and donate. It’s the “key” to all your financial troubles. Not!

Servanthood, worship and giving all rotate around the minister more than the real Lord Jesus Christ! They are dynasty ministries. And people can see through it, and are turning away from it when they see the false gods.

Oh, there are many who are in serious needs of help, and in searching will come across these types, I know I did in my searching, but they seem to have multiplied, and the disrespect for the ministry has grown.

And the lordship respect of ministers needs to be there, but if the companionship with the Lord Himself is not taught or experienced, it is MISSING THE MARK! The focus becomes on the minister and THEIR miracles and guidance, more than what the Lord can and will do for the person.

Oh, I know, too, when people press too hard, they are sent away with “Go seek Him for yourself,” but the good news is that many have! (smile) And when He is truly sought, He can be found!

But feeling something and doing some thing is not the same as knowing Him in the Companionship of His company! There is a navigation that has to be learned, but it is like that of a good parent. There are rules and there is freedom, and there is comfort and the binding and tending of the wounds that come in living in this world. The experiences have a message!

There is an understanding and the freedom to ask many questions. And there are times not to ask questions! There is discipline but there is also reward, especially in the seeking! But there is the freedom also to discover who YOU are!

You don’t PAY for your miracles. You LEARN them. And God is WILLING to do miracles! But He has a reason and a purpose – to show the glory of God – and not to lead us into the idol worship of ministers. If we revere something, it shows, but proper order will find the purpose and keep the goals pure.

Oh, the Move of God we will see when we get this! In our own country, we see the benefits we have had through Godly freedom, but oh how we see it crumble and fall when we miss it. Charities and respect fall way to “the powers” of darkness, and false and deferred hopes encourage the bitterness and lead away from the tree of Life!

This is why disease (or dis-ease) is on the increase! We are out of order! The miracles of restoration come when we get the order right, and it’s why some have to battle to keep their miracles! In a meeting, there is the agreement present for the good, but if there is not a good doctrination of the right foundation, there is a battle when they go back into their worlds.

Jesus told many people “go your way” after healing them. He was not sending them away, but blessing them! Not everyone is called to ministry, but there is an eco-system of life and ministers are a part of that. The ministers are not really favored more, but do have sacred duties. But it’s a sacred duty for electricians and newscasters and doctors to handle their jobs too! Others depend upon that good will and excellent service. Abuses can be deadly!

People who learn the right, and strong ways, will encourage others. They will minister to them, and the parenting leads to more parenting and this is good thing! But God has no grandkids, and He will parent each one of us if we seek Him. But if we lose those who care enough to sacrifice for the greater good, and if we don’t in our hearts honor them the right way, those stepping stones will lead to the path of failure.

We are corrupt in many ways, but the Lord is still here and available! We just have to learn His Lordship first, and then the Companionship will follow!

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