I saw the Lord Part 2: High and Lifted up; the difference. 

” I saw the Lord; High and Lifted up…”

Isaiah 6:1.

Here the prophet sees the Lord in two different dimensions or aspects.  God is by His Existence High in His power; His Knowledge; His substance; in His Thinking. 

Earlier this week; retiring to bed my thoughts wandered until I was perfectly aware that the Lord was conversing with me. He said;


Such an interesting concept.  The Lord was already High but He needed to be lifted up…so that His garments fill the sanctuary! 

We read that this lifting up occurred in the worship of the seraphims as they feared and reverenced His holiness so that this Manifestation became a shaking of the structures. The doors and windows shook as the celestial worship developed as they contemplated the Lord in His holiness.

The lifting up occurs when our eyes are opened precisely and clearly to see Him as He is! As we enter a place of worship in which that celestial vision is transported into our mentality; breaking the small and temporary thinking; limited knowledge and preconceived objectives which are removed from that which God projects us to.

We sometimes revere and lift up other things which pertain to God; but is not God. We can divide from brothers and churches because they do not share the same conviction. We can accuse others of not having vision but these things happen when we badly represent what truly should fill our spiritual eyes.  A vision of His Holiness. 

This vision; the lifting up caused the prophet to become undone in his humanity but remade through God’s purification through His holiness.

Without the “Holy” Spirit we can never be transformed by that Holiness and the lifting up of it . 

Worship is not singing; it is a state of being. It is when our attention is not on our achievements and it’s talents; but the centre of all that we are is Him who is holy; receiving Him through our vision of Him so that He can fully MANIFEST as He is. There is freedom in that. 

So what are you lifting up? What occupies your spiritual vision? Do you consider yourself the centre of what God is doing? 

Many of us live the Christian life as our needs and our goals take centre stage. 

But in the case of Isaiah 6 we see God put Himself at the centre of Isaiah’s life and universe to show him that only He is the all in all. 

We shall expand on that in this series but suffice to say that for Isaiah that process of replacing self with God brought great undoing and fear. Isaiah knew that his humanity could not mix with holiness.

So today reflect what and who you are lifting up; because even what seems Biblical and right can be slightly deceptive as we lift up things God does instead of who He is!


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