Revival:Part1 Spirituality in lukewarm times

The most powerful sensation came into my heart about the thread that links the low times and the high times in my spiritual life.

Since I have been walking with God I understood what revival is; and was.


It has been a theme and a prayer I have come back to many times.

Revival comes to a people who seek God as if their lives depended on it, as though their locality depended on it, their country needed it, and God pleasured to outpour it.

This is a new series we are embarking on.


If you study every revival of History they mark turning points. They mark the revolution of concepts and advances of society. They also mark a new approach to every truth of the faith in a way that is radical and different.

It is never business as usual.

It is the status quo that opens the door for every kind of ungodliness that occurs.


The Lord leads us today to study the theme revival and causes us to recognise the truth and the need for a new visitation  of the Lord. In all the time I can remember I have cried out for a visitation for our time. We need it in this hour.

We need it because we are neither hot in our radical love for Him nor cold in our aversion to sin. We pay lipservice to our privilege in Him and tolerate what cannot be part of our thinking. 

God was grieved in Genesis with man. Man had become corrupt and would readily have fellowship with demons. There was one man who heard from God about the thing He was about to do.

God was about to judge the earth. He was to outpour judgment on the majority and outpour mercy on a remnant. And it is through the remnant God does something new.

Now in these Lukewarm times even Jesus talked about “spitting them out” . Judgment is a hard concept because we are now being programmed with a hyper grace doctrine.

Revival and judgment are faces of the same coin.

Habbakkuk says: in times of wrath, of judgment remember mercy.

Why are we Lukewarm ?

1. Dissapointment with a powerless faith.
2. Disallusioned with a ineffective doctrine.
3. Weakened by powerless preaching. 
4. Corrupted by man centered vision.

So how do we make the difference? 


We look at history. We cannot reproduce the effects but we can learn the lessons.

In 1948 a small company of people began to gather in a barn to pray. They sought God for months until they saw that God keeps His Word. They gained boldness in that which they discovered and they got a hold of it.

That small group was shaken by a visitation which spread over the Isle of Lewis.

The majority was impacted by a remnant. It was the second visitation of the Lord to the island.  One happened in 1939.

Jeremiah says to ask for the ancient paths. So where did we err? Where and how did we depart from His Glory?

To come out of lukewarmness we need to shake ourselves and motivate ourselves from concepts we allow ourselves to embrace through the perspective formed by the flesh and the world.

We need to come apart to be counted in the few that seek God of a truth. Do not just seek men, a church,  a ministry. Those pass into insignificance when God shows up.

Instead of fearing that which has taken a foothold in our communities we need to see our not living full of glory and His Presence means the devil can inhabit and plant what He will.

It is time to cry for a real revival. Where Jesus SUDDENLY VISITS HIS TEMPLE so that all shall know that eternity meets time and where spirit is more important than soul and body.

It’s time!!!


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