The End Time Church: Introduction

We are starting a new series of messages which God has put on my heart. The End Time Church.

We are in the End Time Church.


I particularly want to look at the characteristics of the End Time Church.
It is going to be exciting because I believe we are going to see something become activated in our hearts as we study this theme together. We are not going to study to become academics but we are studying to become activators of a divine enabling. 


Therefore as we study I pray that you receive a rich enabling, an upgrade in your thinking. A optimization of your relationships.

Await because God is going to open out His Design for the Church.  Is it different to 2000 years ago? No. It’s just different.  Are we going to model the Church on the Acts account? Not exactly. There are principles we can take from the Word. We need to contextualize it.


The Lord is going to activate prophetic vision and apostolic wisdom to activate in the daily life eternal designs and principles. 

Be part of it!


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