Giving up of a Natural Ambition to birth a Samuel part 2: natural achievement or spiritual destiny

1 Samuel 1.

When we consider the story of Hannah we see the impact of social attitudes and prejudice. Barrenness was regarded as a curse from God. That person was ostracized.

So when Hannah year in year went to the temple was confronted with a barrier with God, wondering why she would be “cursed” this way. Why did God allow this situation?

We are also confronted by the fact that even in her own home she was confronted by her lack of achievement. Her rival, other wife of her husband was almost always pregnant. She would have doubted her husband’s love. She felt a failure. So we see her ostracized in society and despised in her own home.

Right now I see a dangerous trend forming. We are beginning to convince ourselves that achievement is equal to prosperity and blessing. We see here that this is not true.

How many in our churches have positions because of their financial status? How many are seen as blessed by their houses and cars?

When we consider that prayer of Hannah we do not see the depth of where she was.
We see that she
1) wept
2) fasted
3) heartbroken

But God saw her and blessed her. She birthed a Samuel that ministered over 94 years. His mother must have had great influence.

So today if you are feeling prejudiced against because of your “apparent” non achievement in this life, it most likely means that God will in His Time, birth something great in you and through you.

Hannah, is considered blessed. Let us embrace Divine destiny over natural achievement.


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