The Upper Room: And you shall be my witnesses

In the last moments of Jesus’ time on earth, the most powerful statements mark the beginning of the book of Acts.

Jesus said that the Disciples would be endued with power and become His Witnesses.

To become Jesus’ witness we need to have an ENCOUNTER with Christ, to WITNESS Him. By vision, by contact one encounters Him not just by seeing but there is an interaction that passes the physical realm, into the heavenlies where Jesus is. The Spirit takes us near to Him. Not only we are near to Him, we become a people in Him. And He in us.

But what is more powerful is the original Greek sense of the verse: v8; the word is MARTUREO. This is the verb. The sense of the word here is MARTURIA, which is the witness that God gives to us. We also hear that we need to give witness for God. But this here is far more deeper than that.

When God gives us the WITNESS we become like ENOCH, we WALK with God. Now when we say we walk WITH God we can sometimes confuse with walking in God, and at best can become charismatic jargon that does not relate to a true living experience. But Enoch shows me the pinnacle of intimacy and the pinnacle of focus in that Enoch did not live for the pleasures nor the living in the world to give him fulfilment. No, he had this MARTURIA, that he pleased God. Was not a normal conviction, it was an encounter with God.

Such it was that Enoch’s encounter that his body was never found, and he was never seen more. He did not live any more in the world, his witness translated him to heavenly realms.

The disciples were going to become the marturia of Jesus. This marturia (witness) was to make them be transformed into the image of Christ in nature and works. The signs and wonders that the disciples did is as a result of this witness. It is not simply just gifts, it is a constant lifestyle of being witnesses, not only of Jesus’ life but His Glorification in the giving of the Spirit.

Sometimes we think that salvation is merely just putting our hand up in an appeal. Or asking for prayer from a pastor and being led in a sinners prayer. This is not all. The witness comes when we understand that we were CALLED to Him, by Him, to be UNTO Him, to work FOR Him. It is deeper, because it radically translates us into the realm of the Spirit and brings into our lives Jesus’ image. From here it should be natural that miracles should follow us.

The Upper Room is the doorway into the place of INTIMACY, INSPIRATION, INTERACTION. From here we are prepared to move into the full move of the witness, the fountain of all signs and wonders.

If the signs and wonders lack, maybe we should pray as they did in Acts 4, their prayer being Psalm 2 which alludes to the operation of the marturia. What was the result? Earthquake and an infilling where respect, authority and greater signs flowed.

If the signs lack surely we need to teach and proclaim the witness. The power that comes from on High and makes us the witness of God.

If the signs lack maybe we have separated the power from the person, the inspiration from the intimacy.

So from our Upper Room experience we are GIVEN a witness which causes us to leave a low level of life, and live a life where miracles are a daily occurence.

Their witness was NOT what they did, but WHO they were.

This witness was so powerful that 2000 years later the church has existed. The witness is so powerful that every nation that persecuted the Church fell. The witness is so powerful that Voltaire declared the Bible would be discredited within 100 years, yet 100 years to his death his house is now a printing press for the Bible.

So when God gives you His Witness no more strife will you live, because you will walk with Him, work with Him.

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