Out of the Box Training/ Bezaleel Ministries

Just a pause from the Upper Room. We need your prayers as we are currently working to launch a Training Agency with government support. I am currently working with a local agency in which to do this. This Wednesday have a interview with a development group. Just as exciting as it is, my heart is in my call.
I was called into ministry in 1987. And since then have been extensively used in the prophetic. My heart is to devote time fully into this. But financial constraints have meant we need to be flexible where and how God provides.
Right now the UK has a problem with unemployment. Christians are also without work. Our project is to mount a bid to operate a trainee minister course with government paying trainees a premium. I ask you pray for this. We will need to convince a government agency that we can do it. And get funding.
Right now we need investors. This way those trainees that pass through may go on to be pastors or missionaries to nations.
We need funding to start up. Around £10,000 is needed. This will give us the resources to buy equipment and get this going.
If you sense that God is leading you to help write to me on email: Russell.durose@gmail.com. Then I can give you more info.


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