The Upper Room: Part 1: Preparation

Let us continue to focus on the Upper Room.

What preparation went on there?

We consider that the Disciples were waiting for a physical Kingdom which would bring a revolution which would throw off the Roman Tyranny. When we consider that the Disciples were waiting for a King who would conquer by the sword.

But this mode of thinking needed to be broken by unveiling the way of God, which had no bearing on their aspirations. Their aspirations of greatness and conquest were just about to be dashed to the ground in pieces. Through Calvary.

What did He demonstrate?

When he washed the feet He broke the whole worldly concept of leadership and authority. First leadership is servanthood, and authority is submission.

That is why Jesus was amazed at the Centurion’s understanding of his own authority, which came from his submission to a higher strata of authority over him. So he saw that Jesus being submitted to the authority of His Father was the source of authority.

Many today practice a leadership model based on favours and influences. But Jesus came to break this. What do we look for in a leader? He must be a good follower! And what do we look for in authority, one who is submitted.

Jesus had to break this so that in Pentecost their message would be accompanied with an outpouring of miracles and glory which would flow down to our day.

Jesus wants to come into our Upper Room and break our mindsets so that in doing so, the Kingdom may be manifest.


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