The Perspective of Needs and Wants

The Lord is talking to me about needs and wants. We need to see that the Lord is focussing on our REAL needs. Our real need is not financial right now. It is spiritual.

Joel talks about the spiritual state being the core reason for 4 types of locust. They were to come to decimate our harvest. Spiritual poverty comes into our lives and brings poverty in our work, families and churches. Joel talks about the real need for repentance and then the Lord speaks of the new wine and oil. So what God wants to bring into our lives is a richness spiritually, to give us an abundance, so that we can bless others.

When we forget our REAL need we focus on our WANTS. They rarely line up with God’s purpose for our lives.

So for us, we need to focus on our REAL need today. It is in God. Once we settle this our NEEDS will be met. Amen?

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