To the brink and back

Greece went to the brink. So did Europe. I want to avoid politics. God is shaking, breaking, making, taking His People.
1. Shaking
God shakes to remove that which has no foundation. God is going to make every ideology fall, so that what is left is Christ.
2. Breaking
What needs breaking supernaturally is political and ideological strongholds that have taken centuries to build. Only God can undermine the ideas of men. I prophetically see more turmoil in this transition time. Economists will predict things but God will hold them in derision. He will prosper the modern house of “Obed-Edom.”Those who honour the covenant will prosper against modern ideas.
3. Making.
He will make His People arise and prosper with purpose. It is not a poverty of riches, but a poverty of godly vision. So in the making, we will be established.
4. Taking
God is taking His people on a different journey. It is not determined by class, but by call, not by influence but by I filling, not by politics but power. Not by undermining but by unction! We will come out of this turmoil into a Europe wide revival. Let us rejoice, for we are on the brink of destiny not disaster!

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