Why revival evades us

If we look at former accounts of revivals you will see that many things led up to the revivals which have largely disappeared from our ministering. 1. The lack of waiting: much of our ministry grasps what God wants to do, but does little to train people to "tarry". Today everything seems to geared to... Continue Reading →

The fallout of the Obama Victory.

Let me get this straight right at the outset. I do not agree with everything Obama stands for. But I respect him as I respect those who voted for him. Therefore as a believer I must pray for him. The indictment is not that Obama is an antichrist that the Church failed to unseat. The... Continue Reading →

The Perspective of Needs and Wants

The Lord is talking to me about needs and wants. We need to see that the Lord is focussing on our REAL needs. Our real need is not financial right now. It is spiritual. Joel talks about the spiritual state being the core reason for 4 types of locust. They were to come to decimate... Continue Reading →

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