Zion Business Network


This new Network is to serve Christian Businesses across the Globe.

1. Information

The concept of the Zion Business Network is to de-secularize the business so that the daily activities of your business are given input through a prophetic perspective, so that you can contextualise your motives as a business person, Christian, in a secular world, and the context of what your mission is in that motivation.

a. Business as a calling.

b. Business as a contributor into a world economy

c. Business as a catalyst into God’s projects.

We are launching the network to address these information areas.

2. Initiative

Business is not just about making money. It is far much than that. It is making a statement in a world governed by greed and corruption. It is bringing a Kingdom Mindset into what you do, bringing a Kingdom Motivation and bringing a Kingdom Mandate. 

What Initiatives will the Zion Business Network be involved in?

a. Email list: motivational and prophetic emails to list members.

b. Emblem Financial Focus: Focus is the key in a fast changing landscape where taxes and national economies change from surplus to deficit. The financial focus will be accessible email and list consultation in times of difficulties.

c. Embracing Fellowship Opportunities: Business circles in different localities where a grouping of more Christian Business people can meet and can pray and get some refreshing prophetic perspective from God’s Word.

3. Impartation

I believe there is a particular impartation for business. One has to read the seasons in the world to see how God is flowing in the Christian Business world. There is a supernatural enabling to succeed in business. We believe that this network is all about focussing ourselves so that in having clear vision and clear objectives just as Elisha saw Elijah, with spiritual eyes, the mantle fell down for him to pick up. Jesus is our Elijah who has thrown down His Mantle in the person of the Holy Spirit.

If you want to join the Zion Business Network please write to russell.durose@zion-ministry-network.co.uk