“So then neither is he that plants anything, neither he that waters; but God gives the increase.” 1 Corinthians 3:7

This site represents a vision given by God to people who are serious about promoting not themselves but a life in God that attempts to take its readers, and its hearers into a spiritual journey of discovery.

This ministry does not have an income, and does not fundraise. We believe that fundraising is a strategy which this ministry believes will send a confusing message. We freely give what God gave to us freely.


However in freely giving we are vocationed with a desire and a Call to serve God and serve the objectives spelled out in this site. This means that whilst we distribute the messages and resources we are given to pass on, we personally take no income and have no income for which to continue to offer this without the personal sacrifice afforded.

We therefore look to no man to sustain it, and many times this has been sustained by God directly through very different means.

However this page is to offer the opportunity to partner with us, freely without obligation, an opportunity to invest in the work God is doing.


We offer fellow ministries the opportunity to partner with us on these levels:

a) Invitation to share: This level means that your Church and group knowing the level of messages we are publishing on this site, would like the opportunity to benefit from a wider and more deeper understanding of what is published having an impartation that goes along with it. We do not CHARGE FEES but it is expected that we receive the blessing that is due for our labours.

b) Invitation to give: We have the opportunity to invest as a ministry, in our labours in the Gospel for our Vocation, knowing how arduous the financial constraints that face modern day ministry activity in the realm of finances. We ask that FELLOW MINISTRIES consider monthly giving using PAYPAL ( or three monthly or yearly giving. This giving is not just giving it is PARTNERING WITH THE REVIVAL THAT IS COMING TO THE CHURCH in which we play a small part. You are not giving to NEEDS but you are giving to VISION.


We offer opportunities for Christian businesses to partner not just with us, but God’s vision with us, to serve you and to be served by you so that there is an equality in Grace.

a. Business Impartation

God has given us extensive revelation about business in the Christian arena in these days. We believe there is an impartation for these last days, therefore we offer to visit your business circle for prayer, the Word and for impartation. The themes are revelant and pertinent to your business in these days. We do not charge fees, but we expect a recognition of our service to you.

b. Business Investment

We ask that Christian businesses consider partnering monthly with us, using Paypal ( with a view to receive monthly emails with themes that bring a encouragement and impartation for a difficult arena in business in these unstable times.


This page is not merely fundraising, but it represents an OPPORTUNITY to partner with God’s vision and not merely focussing on needs. Our needs will be supplied with direct sustenance for the Lord. However this page presents a GREAT INTERACTION with those who visit our site. 

We pray that you be blessed as you seek Him to further the interaction and engagement with God in these days.