Prayer Houses


When I returned from Portugal after serving God there 15 years, marrying and having 2 wonderful children, the Lord brought me to Brixham in Devon at a time of a spiritual journey. The Lord talked to me about a vision about restoring the prayer altar in the home. 


The Lord said as families restore the prayer altar where God is loved and communed with, so revival would spark in the homes. We think of revivals breaking out over Churches, but God said a network of homes and houses dedicated to prayer would spark that flame of Holy Ghost revival.

I have seen the monastic lifestyle propogated by monks, as taught by the saint Benedict, in that they devote and structure their daily lives around prayer and Bible study. The Church meeting would be an overflow of this structured and disciplined lifestyle. In this way the lives of families as much as it is humanly possible would discipline themselves and their interests around prayer and meditation, and the study of the Scriptures. This way the cares and philosophies of the world which are at odds with our faith would be kept at bay.

This way as a consequence families who adopt the structured life of prayer would see less of the crises that afflict the modern day family. I therefore encourage you to meditate on this and adopt this vision as it is your conviction.

What I saw in vision form was a network of small lights, which lit up all of the nations.