The School of Faith

Welcome to the School of Faith

The School of Faith

The School of Faith

  • Learning the way God moves by Faith
  • Kairos and Kronos
  • Pleroma
  • Your metron
  • Get a clear eschatology
  • Focus on King Jesus
  • The clear vision of what the Church is, what is her mission
  • Teleio

You need to transition from Fear to Faith

The Author and Perfecter of our Faith is Jesus, King of all the earth! The transition I speak is not an abstract principle, it is allowing Jesus deepen our vision of Him. In this new season of harvest in every sphere we need now for Jesus to bring maturity in our vision of Him. This school has this aim to bring us into a new level of intimacy with Jesus!

Kairos and Kronos

  • Kronos: Physical Time
  • Kairos: a season in God
  • We must discern if God is bringing what Kairos within a given Kronos. If we get that understanding we know how God is flowing and we can submit to that flow and see God reveal Himself in our personal ministry.
  • Right now God is bringing a new Kairos into this Kronos of great harvest and great alignment. A great reset in the realm of the Spirit.

Pray for me

Today am away from home, tried to use my Paypal debit card and found my account limited. I have my sole income from donations for what I write. I have been left in a position of having zero cash and zero in my bank account. Whilst this situation seems to be temporary it has left… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Storm podcast 2

It was in August that I did the first podcast regarding “The Perfect Storm” which points to 2020 and all that has taken place. I have just uploaded the 2nd message regarding this “Perfect Storm” bringing a message of hope in a time of turmoil and uncertainty. The Perfect Storm 18.10.20

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