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I have a passion for mobile technology and reviewing it. New Project launched this week. Please click on the link above. Its still a work in progress!

Announcing….new book coming!

I have launched in January 2 books, “Christmas Parallels” and “12 Foundations of the Church. ” These books are available on Amazon, and the 2nd book is available as an Ebook from Identity Network. I have started a new volume which will be a companion to the “12 Foundations of the Church” called the “12 … Continue reading Announcing….new book coming!

Update Macbook Pro appeal

The appeal which I launched about 2 weeks ago for a new Macbook Pro for my theological teaching and writing did not bring any funds, however I think if there are those who care to invest in this project can do it securely rather than sending finances, can buy direct from the reseller, Argos here … Continue reading Update Macbook Pro appeal

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