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New Mobiles Project

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I have a passion for mobile technology and reviewing it. New Project launched this week. Please click on the link above. Its still a work in progress!

When the Edict goes forth: Ezra1:1

This message is key to the season we are in right now. The Scripture in the title is the sum total of prophetic preparation from various prophets who were present in the process of the Captivity. Jeremiah: warned of the Captivity Ezekiel: was with the Captives in Babylon with a open heaven Daniel: Was in… Continue Reading →

“Behold I do a new Thing” God’s Great Reset

Isaiah 43 catches the Great Reset from God’s perspective. We have all been bombarded with the propaganda machine playing up fear about the pandemic. There is a crisis out there, but surrendering to it through fear is definitely not the answer. I believe God has been causing me to meditate on GOD’S GREAT RESET. This… Continue Reading →

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