Mobiles are my Passion

New Mobiles Project

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I have a passion for mobile technology and reviewing it. New Project launched this week. Please click on the link above. Its still a work in progress!

“He who has ears, hear what the Spirit says..”

The admonition here is one Jesus gives to the 7 Churches in Revelation. This admonition is very pertinent in our day now. He who has ears hear! What are you hearing? What report are you listening to? Numbers 13 brings a serious process to light. The spies have just come back from the land God… Continue Reading →

Writing and Publishing

Last year when I was in Colorado Springs I received on the final day before departure Psalm 12. It would spell a journey of discovery. I thought God was speaking into a situation I was living regarding my return to the UK. The Lord speaks in verse 6 that the Word is as silver, purified… Continue Reading →

Which lord do you seek?

In 1 Kings 17-19 recounts the story of the worship of a false lord called Baal. This lord as prophets to this deity in a time of famine were given the rights to sit at the Royal table of Jezebel. You have to remember that this was a time of utter famine. And bread was… Continue Reading →

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