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The Spirit and the Bride Say Come! LTD

Today the Company Limited and Incorporated was registered by the UK Companies House to legally act for Christian Based Projects and Publications.

We have specific projects which we are planning for a year from now. Right now foundations are being laid for the next stage.

  1. First the acquisition of our ministry base for operating a prayer centre. missions hub and Bible teaching resource centre. For this we need investment from Kingdom Entrepreneurs who wish to invest into our initiatives with legal framework to invest substantial capital.
  2. Found a charitable Trust to care for ministers who have fallen on bad times due to the pandemic.
  3. Acquisition of funds to publish 4 books that will form the foundation of the teaching ministry: a) 12 Foundations of the Church b) 7 Processes of Purification in the Word c) 7 dimensions of unity d) Transitioning the Natural family to the spiritual family. These 4 books to be sold and to be used with a study guide in retreats, conference venues, Churches.

These 3 aims are the immediate objectives and we shall add them as we progress in a context of very difficult political, social and health climate.

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