What are we about:

1. Nations:

God has a plan for nations to lift, raise a new sound of worship that brings forth a manifestation of the Lordship of Christ

2. Vision:

Vision for:

  • a) Ministry: The fivefold restored to the Body
  • b)Revival: Raising up intercession teams, and intercession centres.
  • c) Healing and Restoration: Healing of ministers, families, and restoration of call.
  • d) Israel: To aid and support Israel in these end times.
  • e) End time business: Raising up businesses to support and generate income for God’s ministers.

3. Church

  • a) Planting
  • b) Supporting
  • c) Counselling.
  • d) Prophesying.

4. Business:

  • a) Favor: doors opening
  • b) Anointing: for resources
  • c) Purpose: of business to fund Kingdom initiatives

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