Covid19 Crisis

To meet this crisis we shall be focusing on teaching faith in a time of judgment and crisis . This will come in the form of podcasts and messages. This has the objective to sustain the faith of the saints.

  • Conference call teaching
  • Podcasts
  • Prophetic Teaching
  • Onsite teaching as and when the crisis allows. Crisis draws us to Christ.
Now daily Podcasts to support believers in this Quarantine Time

We need to provide resourcing within this process. It is a process. In my post Reset shows a vision of how God is going to take us through the Quarantine process, its purpose, its power and its precedent in the world to come. There is a reset coming, and as a Church we need to grasp it now, before the Antichrist system does. Therefore this faculty shall serve to prepare leaders and all with a thirst for God to prepare for new things ahead, yes, it may be scary but it will be glorious too. It depends on us discerning God in it and obeying Him.

A worthy point to note here, no doubt people are dying from this virus. No doubt we are in a crisis. We do not devalue the personal and national, international cost to this crisis. However the greater cost will be in a context of fear, panic and paranoia. It is always the case that faith does not ignore tragedy nor makes light of the losses that families will experience. However at the same time greater hope is in trusting Jesus.

Russell A Durose