He who you crucified God made Him Lord and Messiah

This text is taken from Acts 2, the message of Peter, newly immersed in the Holy Spirit. The whole message is an eye opener especially if we study it carefully because we will find some very pertinent keys to a generational Pentecost. Last year I undertook for over 2 months a series of messages on this site, concerning Pentecost being a generational experience open for any Church to reach out. The whole misunderstanding has been that this has been transformed into a denominational focal point, which God never ordained.

The title gives us the first key, the positioning of Christ in terms of witness and evangelism. He is FIRST the Lord, being that in Peter’s message He is exalted according to Psalm 110:1. Unfortunately we have inverted this order, we focus on preaching Christ, because we believe we win souls this way. We have all become the “seeker sensitive” in this aspect. We must preach what it means to follow Christ, the sacrifices we must make, the obedience we must live. When we invert this order we preach the benefits first, escaping hell, an example. Yet what we do is a disservice to the Lord when we do not preach aright. We then lead new souls on, and when He manifests to them in His Lordship there is no foundation and no preparation for them to understand subjection, submission to the Lord.

The last phrase of his message confronts them, and they ask what they should do, he responds: REPENT.

As much as we desire to present Christ, Messiah, Saviour, we miss out the whole application of the Cross, the need to REPENT. Repentance is a doorway for which God has opened. This doorway means the direction of the traction of life must be opposite to the way that has been walked. New ways of thinking, new ways of living. This is the reason why God placed Pastors and Teachers in the Church to preach and teach what repentance really is.

One of the main truths of this message is when the Spirit comes He puts things in their proper order. We need the order, so that God impacts our generation. We must comprehend that.

God has made this Jesus Lord and King. This means that the focus point of His Will is centred in His Son.

In the image above Jesus the Son is holding the Crown that the Father is giving Him, after His Ascension. We seem to centre the Gospel around our need of it, rather than have a new perspective that the Gospel is about Jesus, and The Father’s purpose for eternity. It centres around Jesus first then His Bride. We readily preach about God’s purpose for us, but for a time I understood that before the purpose is revealed to an individual it is revealed to a collective, but God’s purpose must be seen THROUGH Jesus. It is about a Kingdom becoming manifest and to destroy the enemies of the Messiah, King and Judge, Son of David. The whole Book of Revelation is based upon this programme, which since Creation and the Fall of man has been in course. Prophets spoke about it first, then He has spoken more PERFECTLY through His Son. (Hebrews 1:1). The fact is Jesus EMBODIES the message of the Father, through His Birth, His Life, His Death, His Resurrection, His Ascension, and now His Kingship which is manifesting the Kingdom.

Looking down history we see 2 distinct threads at work. One being the CONSTANCY AND CONSISTENCY of the Purpose of the Father, the other is the devil and his attempts to distract, deceive and destroy the divine thread. In the Reformation we saw that whilst renewal was needed, there were also divisions which grieved the Holy Spirit. From there we have seen these divisions continue as more and more society has become self consumed, self willed, lovers of self and its pursuits. The Church warned of secularisation that would come displacing the focus of the Godhead first, then the collective being the Church, then finally and lastly the individual.

For us to have a Pentecost in our day we must attend to what Peter did on the Day of Pentecost, the focus was what the Father promised Jesus, and what Jesus sent to His Church. The order is clear, and must be followed as we seek this generational blessing, to win souls, and prepare mankind for eternity.


The central principle of this message is the same as Peter’s, put things in their proper order. This way we are aligned and prepare for a Outpouring of the Spirit on the Church, where divisions are healed, and only One Personality is Glorified: Jesus, Son of David, King and Judge of all the earth.

Maranatha! Come Lord. Quickly to your Church and for your Church.

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