Between Ascension and Pentecost; wait on the Promise of the Father

The narrative in Acts 1 tells us that the disciples entered Jerusalem as commanded by Jesus.

“Do not depart but wait “

That was the Command of the Lord. And now that He has entered His Heavenly mission the imperative is not to DEPART from waiting on Him. If they did go out they would first be disobeying Him and then they would be going in their own will, and strength and none of the rich history of the Church would be celebrated now.

Then we must consider what we are in this waiting phase for. Our “active” tendency puts us at odds with God. Right now we are waiting for the Father to fulfil His Promise.

It is just an impression I get, but I do not see the Church understanding the Father’s role in this process. We seem to muddle along with our narrow understanding. Yet the Father is completely involved in sending the Holy Spirit. This involved the whole GODHEAD.

Waiting solidifies our obedience, solidifies our willingness in waiting for God to initiate His programme in us and through us. This is no mere temporary phase, no, there has to be a “staying in Jerusalem” and “waiting” for there is an imperative, that imperative is the impending Descent of the same Holy Spirit, that overshadowed Mary, that brought about Jesus in her womb. Now we will become the womb by which the Spirit will manifest Jesus through us.

Waiting is not a passive process. It is actively affirming in prayer His Character. Where did Peter’s message come from if not from the waiting time that the revelation came.

Peter full of the Spirit proclaims the Ascended and Glorified Lord!

So let us make this an example as we wait for our own Pentecost to resist 2 major modern day enemies; division and apostasy.

We can only defeat our enemy by waiting for the Promise of the Father!

Shalom! Come Holy Spirit and Glorify the Ascended and Glorified King.

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