“Did not our hearts burn within us?”

This is a special prophetic message not part of a series, that I have been praying through for a few days. I believe that it speaks to our day. I believe it speaks to what we must seek out from God when current events, news each day is contradictory, is without logic. The art of understanding what and how God speaks is not what we can see in the future, but rather interpret present events and discern what God wants to speak to us today, about how He is moving and what He saying, and what our response should be.

Comfort is coming out of desolation

The words in the title come from the 2 disciples on the Road to Emmaus. They are responding to the experience they had been shown the Word in their present circumstances. They were so puzzled as to why Jesus had been betrayed and crucified. Their hope was based in a “prophet” who did signs and wonders. Now their hope had been shattered. They could not decipher within these confusing events what purpose they would represent. Yet a stranger out of the mists of the wilderness came toward them enquiring as to the dynamism of their dialogue and then discover the place they found themselves in. They were in desolation because they were now in contradiction, they had hoped and had a vision in a restoration. His words, in opening the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms concerning God’s plan. Their hearts began to open to a new dimension of understanding. Out of desolation of heart had come comfort.

There has to come a correction of Vision

Even in the light of Jesus teaching about a spiritual Kingdom, the parables explained, the disciples did not understand Jesus’ earthly mission. They saw Him merely as a Prophet, and they saw His mission as merely a earthly mission to restore the fortunes of Israel. This vision, this foundation was false and missed out both Jesus’ true identity, and true mission. And looking from Jesus’ perspective, He would have failed without a true journey of not only explaining His mission but open out to them the reality that what Jesus came to do was to have an eternal implication. Therefore all they expected, all that they understood had to change.

I sense we are also walking in a perspective which God must correct also with us. Many political prophets have come to the Church, many coming to the fore with prophetic words concerning presidents and governments. I sense that we are narrowing the eternal implications of the Church’s eternal mission. We are transforming our Church into a political sphere, with our visions and theology, openly teaching the transformation of society. This error believes that Jesus came to transform society, when in actual fact the earth is heading for the end time Armageddon and being replaced by fire by a new heaven and a new earth, the old passing away. So much today will lead many to fall into contradiction and puzzlement, and this will lead to apostasy as hopes and aspirations will be left bereft of their promise.

Within the Church global there are many camps, majoring. Some major on the prosperity that God promises, others focus on healing and deliverances. Yet on the Person of Christ there still exists much ambiguity, even though for the first 400 years of the Church the creeds show the battles and prayers of a people asking for a pure perspective on Christ. Yet today, we have come back to moulding Christ through many filters. These 2 disciples were looking through the zealot filter of aspiration. This needed to be broken. What filters are we seeing Christ from? I believe just as the disciples here were confronted with a different Jesus, in that they exclaimed “we have seen the Lord.” We need a season like this again.

It will come that men will desire to build sanctuaries claiming that it is for God, yet it is not. Money and promises are given. Ministries will be prophesied, yet God did not call. The problem is we are seeing Christ from our point of need not on the Father’s purpose. This is very important because it is on this point God will allow our dreams and ambitions to die on the rocks of affliction. I see a season coming in this process of many ministers, and ministries confounded. Many in big Churches will become deceived, and many shall wonder is there “any prophet in Israel?” A correction is coming.

The Correction will come with a new Love for God’s Word

The burning of heart is coming to those who so commit themselves to seek God through His Word. Jesus set out His own death in the context of the Law, the Prophets, the Psalms until these disciples begin to see how the Father had planned events and all these earth shattering happenings. God is about to complete with us a complete context of what we are living now. It is not about reviving only, it is about preparing for the King, because He is about to physically manifest. God promised in Ezekiel 36 that He would write a new law on the hearts of His people. Once we begin to understand what is happening now in the panorama of eternity then things begin to make sense. The Word is that panorama of eternity! It has all been mapped out. The Author and Perfecter of our Faith has walked it out before us.

The Word leads us to the Covenant Table where we shall know Him

After this explanation and opening of God’s purpose Jesus is invited to stay with the disciples over night. It is the scene set of them sat, reclined at the Covenant Table, as Jesus lifts the bread to bless their eyes are opened. The Word leads us on, not an end in itself, it leads us to the Covenant Table where Jesus meets with us to exchange of Himself to us, igniting in us that intimacy with Him.

The Word is to open our understanding so we can sit with Him at the Covenant Table, then we shall perceive Him, perceive His Mission, and the mere filter of prophet breaks so that we embrace Him as Lord. God says we need to see Him afresh! Then having seen Him they return to the others and tell them they saw the Lord, He then appears again confirming their encounter. God is about to confirm our encounter with Him across the Church. He is now preparing us for His return!

We need to perceive that this season is this journey. We are coming from our doctrinal filters but they have not served us well, now we must come to a new understanding to His Word so that in coming to His Table we shall know Him!


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