Safe New Futures: Personal Testimonial

Several weeks ago, I verified a general tiredness invading my soul amongst other things that we have all accumulated over the last 2 years where our lives have been disrupted. I was referred to a Southampton based Safe New Futures charitable organisation working in the motivational employment and psychological reappraisal organisation. I started on their course in September and I have to testify that whilst I have not been too prolific in posting here, messages I have planned, I have gone through a life’s “oil change”. They are a charitable organisation and are dependent on funding for the courses that are run from their HQ.

The interaction from tutors to students is tailored in such a way that by the 5th week there is a complete rhythm of well being and a verification of personal barriers that have been broken. The course has been moulded on the premise that depression, being stuck in unemployment or other long term sick scenarios, can by a change of mindset and personal challenge be in a different place to break our own limitations that we are persuaded by life to put on ourselves. I am writing from personal experience and wish to use my own platform to support, publicise the work of Safe New Futures so that new funding can come with the word getting out into many sectors of the employment/training/psychological and spiritual fields. Please see their website here:

Or go to

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