The error that the Church commits

I am writing on the day after the Presidential election in Brazil. Today we see a scenario of communism taking over South America. We already have Venezuela in complete chaos now Brazil has voted in the communist candidate.

The Church involved itself in this process through the dimensions of the political sphere. Instead of focussing on prayer and seeking God for the nations we sometimes believe that God enters the stage also . No. The Church was never birthed by anything political. It was a complete spiritual revolution by the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Yet in both the USA and Brazil the same errors are committed by the Church. To believe that a government will fulfil the Great Commission is foolishness at best. Once the Church defers it’s mission to a political candidate or party it may be true that to get the Church back to its true mission the party and the candidate they trusted will be defeated.

No government can do what God called the Church to do. And the more we near Jesus’ return the more governments will oppose the Church. Will persecute the Church. So when the political spirit fills the pulpit we know persecution is on the way so that fearless servants may call repentance again.

For the midterms in the USA, don’t make the mistake in trusting that the outcome will bring the nation back to God. No, only the Spirit of Elijah can convince by fire which no political process will suffice.

Let us rid ourselves that politics and politicians can do a mission which Jesus have not to government but to the Church. The only true government is on His shoulders!

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