Profound Word from Veronica West

I have followed this lady for some time and her prophetic insights have resonated with me. Particularly now in this time of transition. I have permission from her to reproduce here this message. Be blessed as I was. Russell Durose.



UK: After Humbling, a Great Awakening is Ahead
January 23, 2020 Veronika West
(This is Part 1)…

“The Royal Crown has fallen, a Royal Signet Ring of covenant promise, a prodigal nation returns, repents and is fully restored!”

This is a powerful vision that I received January 20, 2020…

…A NOW Word for the nation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, “The Crown has fallen, a Signet Ring of covenant promise, a prodigal nation returns and is fully restored!”

Today I had one of the most interesting and yet most profound times with The Spirit of Revelation concerning our great nation.

For the last 6 weeks the hand of The LORD lifted the burden I was carrying for the nation in the place of prayer.

This I believe was a moment of reprieve for me, as I had really begun to feel an overwhelming sense of spiritual weariness come over me concerning our nation, and so The LORD graciously gave me a few weeks to reset!

So this morning, after I had an encounter with The LORD in the early hours where I saw The Seven Eyes of The Seven Spirits within the whirlwind of elijah (see Word shared) I went into a time of prayer for the nation for the first time since late November.

While in prayer, a spirit of weeping came upon me, where I found myself weeping on behalf of the nation and the burden returned, but did not seem to stay with me, but soon lifted after prayer.

Yet while in a place of weeping, I knew and felt a mighty shift taking place over the nation, and so I began to lift my voice in thanksgiving!

And so, after my prayer time, I went about running a few errands around town. While out, suddenly my eye caught a glimpse of something in the Realm of The Spirit and so I quickly responded by pulling my car over to a safe place and I began to pray in The Spirit.

Now as I prayed, what first appeared as a mere glimpse, suddenly led to me being caught up in a powerful vision where I saw as if in slow motion, a gold jewel-encrusted Crown falling in midair.

As I looked at the Crown, I could tangibly feel in the realm of The Spirit, the great weightiness of the Crown which was made of solid gold.

Now as I looked at the Crown, I saw that the gold of the Crown was tarnished and the jewels within the Crown lacked luster and sparkle. The Crown was without beauty or radiance….!

But as I looked again at the jewels within the Crown, suddenly the 4 (four) nations of the United Kingdom came up before me.

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales…. and then I quickly braced myself for the impact that I expected to take place as the heavy gold Crown crashed upon the ground — which would have scattered the Crown and shattered the jewels within the Crown.

But as I leaned forward in the vision, in an attempt to try to catch the falling Crown, to stop it from hitting the ground, I knew by revelation that the weight of the crown would be impossible to catch or to carry, and so, in the vision, I stepped back, bracing myself again for the impact of the Crown as it hit the ground.

But suddenly I saw The Hand of God come into the vision and it moved beneath the falling Crown as if to catch the Crown.

Then I heard these words, “My Hand of Grace is now extended towards a nation that has been disgraced.”

As I heard those words and I stayed watching intently, in the vision I saw the Gold crown fall upon the what looked like the marriage finger, and as the gold Crown touched the finger of God, it turned into a Royal Signet Ring!

Suddenly the jewel encrusted Crown that I had just seen — which was tarnished and had lost all its luster, beauty and radiance — now appeared as a Royal Signet Ring shinning brightly like the midday sun, upon The Finger of God.

Then I heard these Words, “For I AM a covenant keeping God, and the cries of My Saints for this land have come up before me night and day!”

As I heard those words, suddenly I heard the sound of weeping and wailing rising up from the land as The Spirit of Revelation whispered to me, “Listen! For the blood of the martyrs cries out day and night — a cry to remember the covenant promises made over this land!”

As I listened to the sound of the weeping and wailing, again The Spirit of Intercession came upon me and I began to travail again for the nation, and as I cried out to the heavens, The Spirit of Revelation quickened to me the story of the prodigal son.

Then I heard The Spirit say these Words, “Daughter, just like the prodigal son, so this nation turned its back on The Father and went its own way.

Yes! A nation that rebelled and formed alliances and cut covenants with ungodly nations, a stiff-necked nation that squandered its inheritance and sought independence.

But watch! For My Hand of Grace is now extended towards a nation that has lost its place, its Crown of Kingly Authority, its sovereignty and its true identity.

A nation that eats with the pigs. A nation that has been brought to its knees. A rebellious nation, now humbled under the mighty Hand of God!”

As I heard The Spirit say those Words, it was quickened to me a verse — Luke 15:17 — which says, “….. and finally he came to his senses.”

As those words were brought to me in the vision, The Spirit of Revelation spoke again to me saying, “Daughter, finally a nation humbled has come to its senses, for a great awakening now takes place in this land.

A nation that was blind, will have eyes to see!

A nation that was deaf, will have ears to hear a new sound and a new song that is rising from the ground!

A nation that was lost, will now return and be restored, for this nation shall be a sign among the nations, yes — as a Royal Signet Ring on My Finger, for this nation shall taste and see, that I AM good!”

Now as The Spirit spoke those Words again, I saw the gold Crown fall upon The Finger of God and become as a Royal Signet Ring which shone radiantly like the midday sun.

Then I heard these words, “Watch and pray beloved, for the throne of Jehoiachin shall be overturned and overthrown as the mantle of Zerubbabel falls upon this land”

As I heard those Words, I saw an ancient demonic stronghold being uprooted, torn down and dismantled over the nation. Then I saw a great light dawning upon the land, and I watched as the heart of a prodigal nation that had lost its Crown of Kingly Authority, its Royal Sovereignty and its True Identity, beginning to turn and return to the heart of the father.

It was quickened to me by The Spirit of Revelation in these Words, “Behold… I send you Elijah the prophet….”

And as I heard those Words, I saw a mighty whirlwind beginning to move with great power and acceleration across the nation.

Then I heard, “…. and he will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers!”

Vision interpretation:
Through this powerful vision we see that a nation which was once great, with a Royal kingly Crown upon its head ,has now been humbled by The Hand of God.

Its kingly Crown has fallen. Its True Identity, Anointing and Authority has been lost.

A proud nation turned its back on The Father, cut covenant and made alliances with ungodly nations (The EU) and as a result, it lost its place of honour and greatness among the nations.

But! Watch! The Hand of Grace (5), the Fingers of God (5), the number of Grace, intervenes just before the Crown hits the ground.

The Hand of Grace stops a nation from being utterly destroyed.

If the Crown had hit the ground, the jewels within the crown (which represent both the (4) nations — Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England — and also the (7) Eyes of The Seven Spirits of God (7 colours of rainbow) would have scattered and shattered.

We see in this vision, The Royal Crown fall upon ‘The Marriage Finger of God.’ This speaks to the Covenant Promises of God being remembered at this crucial time of transition for us, as a nation (leaving the European Union (EU), a breaking of ungodly covenants that have been made.

As a result of those ungodly covenants and unholy alliances, this nation has been humbled and we have been eating with the pigs.

But…. a great awakening comes upon a nation blinded by sin. And a nation is humbled and finally comes to its senses… blind eyes now see, deaf ears now hear!

The Hand of Grace is an act of divine intervention, as the heart of The Father cries out for the prodigal son to return.

But we see that… the heart of a prodigal nation is beginning to turn back to the heart of the father.

The road back is long and challenging, having been stripped of everything. Our feet are now without shoes; our backs bare and uncovered.

Every rock on the road is sharp and pressing. We are weak and fragile, but we still standing!

So taking one step at time we make our way back home. The journey is slow but sure.

We are fearful of what lies ahead, unsure of whether the father will receive us back as a son or as a servant, but having lost everything and having been stripped of our pride, we now have come to our senses, our blind eyes now see and they are fixed on the road ahead that promises to lead to new beginnings and an expected end.

The father who is waiting and watching for the prodigal son to return seed him afar off and begins to run towards him….. and then suddenly the winds of change begin to blow upon the road that has been paved with much pain and unfulfilled promise, a mighty whirlwind rises, its The Whirlwind of Elijah which swirls and whirls around about them, the father and son are caught up by the strong winds, (The Seven Spirits of God) and the heart of the children return to the heart of the father and the heart of the father return to the children.

The father puts a royal signet ring on the prodigal sons finger, sandals on his bare feet and a Royal Robe on his bare back.

A prodigal nation returns, repents and is fully restored. A prodigal nation becomes a Sign, a Royal Signet Ring among the nations.

“On that day,’ declares The LORD almighty, ‘I will take you, My servant Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel,’ declares The LORD, ‘and I will make you like My Signet Ring, for I have chosen you,’ declares The LORD almighty.” Haggai 2:23.

Its Kingly Authority, Royal Sovereignty and True Identity is reinstated by The Father…. The great Lion King roars again!

Some prophetic symbolism of the vision:
Falling Crown: A prodigal nation looses its place, stripped of its kingship anointing and authority, its true kingdom identity and sovereignty.

The Hand of Grace intervenes: (5) fingers of God..(5) number of grace.

Marriage Finger: Covenant promises made over our nation are remembered.

Jewels in the Crown: (4) nations represented, the (7) eyes of the seven spirits (7) colours of the rainbow.

Royal Signet Ring; A prodigal nation that returns home is fully restored: ring-authority sandals-identity and robe-sovereignty and royalty.

Signet Ring: Also speaks to the mantle of Zerubbabel and the rebuilding of a nation torn down, a nation becomes as a signet ring among the nations…
“….on that day,’ declares The LORD almighty, ‘I will take you, my servant zerubbabel son of shealtiel,’ declares The LORD, ‘and I will make you like my signet ring, for I have chosen you,’ declares The LORD almighty.” Haggai 2:23.

Eating with Pigs: A nation who turned its back on the father and cut covenant and made alliances with ungodly nations now eats with the pigs…

(The last 3 years of the BREXIT process reflects this dynamic… a proud and independent nation is humbled by the hand of God)

Senses: A proud nation having being humbled by God now “comes to its senses…”

See Luke 15:17… ”finally having come to his senses.. He returns home to his father.”

A Great Awakening is Now Taking Place in the Nation: A nation blind will now see, a nation deaf will hear, a nation having eaten the food of pigs… will now taste and see that God is good

The Nation Returns Home in True Repentance: The father who is waiting restores and reforms, reinstates authority… Kingship/ sonship, true kingdom identity and sovereignty is restored.

As I have continued to talk to The Holy Spirit about this vision today, January 22, 2020, He took me back for a brief moment into the vision yet again and He showed me The Hand of Grace and the 5 Fingers.

As I looked again at the 5 Fingers, He showed me the 5-fold ministries and how He is now raising up the hand of the 5-fold, which will bring forth this great turning, returning to the heart of The Father in the nation.

He showed me how the 5-fold will be used as one in greater power and unity, to bring forth reformation in this nation.

I was shown that God has been waiting for a nation to come to its knees and senses, and that includes The Church, before He can now use the five-fold like never before.

The hand speaks of total unity of vision power and purpose.

It will only be when the five-fold come together as one in unity, that this nation will then truly see its Kingly Authority reinstated and its True Identity restored, and then, as a nation under God, it shall become as a Signet Ring on The Finger of God among the nations, just like that of Zerubbabel.

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Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

2Picture by; Yvonne Combs

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  1. What a wonderful Word Russell. So encouraging. You must be pleased. Make it so Lord. God bless Russell we have been praying for you.

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