Profound Word from Veronica West

I have followed this lady for some time and her prophetic insights have resonated with me. Particularly now in this time of transition. I have permission from her to reproduce here this message. Be blessed as I was. Russell Durose. …THESE TWO WORDS ARE NOW COMING TO PASS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM,…”A ROYAL CROWN HAS FALLEN,…A GOLD SIGNET RING OF COVENANT PROMISE AND A PRODIGAL NATION WILL RETURN”..!!! So last night 9/9/22….I suddenly heard the Spirit say,…”WATCH!..FOR THIS IS A KIAROS TIME,..AN APPOINTED TIME AND SEASON FOR THIS NATION,…LISTEN!..FOR THE SOUND OF TRUMPETS WILL HERALD THE BIRTHING OF A NEW … Continue reading Profound Word from Veronica West