Warning of War. Making the case for Mercy

This kind of war is assured destruction of all and us all

Just over 3 weeks ago the Lord called me to prayer, for which I withdrew from everything and everyone. The first few days it was personal issues God was ministering to me on. Then the direction changed .

The Lord began to alert me to a nuclear war warning. There is a push to reset the whole world on the back of a destructive war. However this will serve to harden hearts ready for a godless society that could be formed in the aftermath .

My impression is that the Church is very much asleep, and inflationary worries with daily costs and bills etc., are distracting most to what the globalists are planning.

We must urgently seek the Lord and resolve the issue with Him. We must decide if a war is what God had planned, or will permit. My own view is that God desires to display mercy and righteousness for His saints. For Lot in Sodom God visited him there and rescued him and his family. It is preceded by the intercession of Abraham who enters into dialogue with God who visits him. So we need a time of VISITATION, to come to the saints .

Then as God reveals to Abraham His plan so he entered a time of INTERCESSION. We need to enter that realm, entering into a type of prayer in which brings a divine response.

So God wants us to enter into that place before Him pleading on His Mercy, as there are two harvests to get in. The harvest of souls that completes the Gentile Harvest and then the reconciliation of Israel to her Messiah. War does not precede this.

Time is short. So join with me to intercede so that a standard of Mercy be raised over the nations . To take the control of the agenda away from the globalists and firmly place the Lord in command in and through His People. May we heed to this warning .

If we do nothing then war will come. I have faith that God is raising up His people to stand against this.


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