Passover to Pentecost 7: Do not depart Jerusalem

And while staying with them he ordered them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Father, which, he said, “you heard from me; for John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.” 

 The Holy Bible: English Standard Version (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles, 2016), Ac 1:4–5.

We are coming to the end of our series which started before Easter 2022, and it has been quite a journey…a spiritual journey indeed. When you do a chronological and systematic study of Scripture you are going to be ministered to personally. It will be published as a book shortly, with some alterations and some additions for you to get all what I have shared in one publication.

Not to depart…

Staying WHERE God commands is to position you where He is to meet you in a different dimension.

Jesus mentions in John 14 that He will go away but come TO them again. However the way that He would return TO them would be different because they would be immersed in the Holy Spirit. However the visitation had conditions to it, they were to REMAIN. God is asking us to remain, in a spirit of prayer and expectation. Every year we come to this celebration expectant that God will meet us, in a new way, in a way we have not known Him before. The Church must REMAIN obedient to His orders. The writer, Luke, emphatically states in very strong language that the Disciples not depart Jerusalem. The Ascension a glorious event, the Resurrection also a mighty event, was NOT enough for them to GO, but they needed the Holy Spirit to immerse them in the power and person of Jesus Christ in the Spirit, so that they would KNOW Him intimately, and that His Word would be ENGRAVED on their hearts, making them witnesses. This power of being a witness would take them from Jerusalem, to Judea, Samaria in very incremental and exact steps. The mission before them could not be carried out without the Baptism from the Father, sent by Jesus the Son. Can you imagine a message given without power and manifestation?

This is the image for some part of the modern day Church. We have forgotten how to remain. We have forgotten how to wait. We have forgotten that how God outworks His plan is so exact. The plan comes in several parts, and is our key also to await a fresh new Pentecost in our days also. The first part is the PLACE.

Why Jerusalem? It was in Jerusalem’s Moriah that Abraham almost sacrifices his son Isaac, and where Jehovah-Jireh was revealed, God Himself provided a Lamb. It was on Moriah that David stopped the judgment over Jerusalem, at Araunah’s threshing floor. It was at Moriah where David mounted his Tabernacle, where the Ark and God’s glory was accessible to all. It was on Moriah, Zion where Solomon built the Temple and fire fell, and Glory filled the House 2 Chronicles 7:1. It was in the Temple that Gabriel appears to Zacarias and announces the birth of John the Baptist, at the Incense Altar. It is in the Temple that Anna and Simeon prepared for the Consolation of Israel, and recognised the Messiah in the form of a Baby. It was at Moriah that Jesus shed His Blood and secured eternal salvation. And it would be in this same city and zone that now an invisible Temple would be inaugurated in the Holy Spirit. The enemy of our souls makes Jerusalem to this day a controversy in every heart because he knows it will be here again that Jesus shall appear once again! God is precise in His orders, when we must stay in a certain place, because of His multifaceted purposes in the past and the present connecting to a prophetic future.

To wait

When the Kronos and Kairos meet there is an explosion of God’s manifestation.

The words for Time in the Greek, physical time being KRONOS, and seasons being KAIROS, and here we see manifest the joining of the Kairos and Kronos. They were to wait, which they were not quite connecting. They were to actually wait 10 days. This was the length of time from His Ascension to Pentecost. Pentecost is the feast of first fruits, that came from the Latter Rain.

The reason we need to wait has all to do with God’s own exact time on eternal issues, and has to do with subduing our human tendencies and our flesh. Every revival and every manifestation of God in the Church throughout Church history has all to do with praying and waiting. It also has to do with human suffering, as we suffer in the flesh we give more precedence to spiritual objectives. I always come back to Anna in the Temple, of Luke 2, where after becoming a widow having tasted true human love in her husband who is taken away she then transforms this loss into a vocation. This vocation goes on for 84 years, through the Roman invasion of Jerusalem, occupation, Herod’s demolishing of the Temple and rebuilding. What transitions! Yet her wait caused her to recognise the Baby who was the Messiah! Waiting causes us to recognise that which God does in the small things. So when God says wait: recognise the signs of God in the time of waiting, because those waiting times are transitions which God will cause us to be involved in, even the great things of God!

The Promise of the Father

This promise comes from the highest Authority, from the Most High Himself

We sometimes need to take note what Jesus is really is saying. The Promise of the Father means that what the Father will fulfil by accomplishing what He promised is so important and so crucial to eternity that the Father Himself promises, and He gives the execution to the Son. There are coming times when we will have to discern when the Father intervenes, and learn the difference between the intervention of the Father and that of the Son. I just wonder if the divine interventions in the Church are originating from the Son, and those of the nations being that of the Father. It is a question, I just don’t have a definitive answer on that. You may think these are unnecessary details, they are not. They cause us to be enlightened to details in how God works, and cause us to flow in them. He has ordained works for us to do before the foundation of the world, we just need to discern them out, and discerning His ways in His Word through His Church, through our walk in Him, is the way to see Him meet us afresh.

You have heard from me…

Its importance of HEARING from Him is paramount

There are things that Jesus spoke in those 40 days He was with only them. They were to take note because just as they passed through waters in John’s baptism in water, so they would now be placed into the fulness of fire and power in the Holy Spirit. This “passing” as we saw in Passover, is the same principle in Pentecost, as we are passing from being not a people to being the Church, bathed and passed through the Holy Spirit. By passing through the Baptism of the Spirit and fire they pass to being witnesses for Jesus. They pass from mere messages to being revelations confirmed by signs and wonders. Just as we also pass through the water of the Word (John 15) we need to go onto passing through the Spirit to becoming fruitful witnesses. The waiting process must enable us to remember what WE HEARD FROM HIM.

Conclusion: remain, wait, hear and receive

The Lord prepared the disciples for Pentecost as He always prepares us for Himself, we just need to learn how to remain, wait, hear from Him and receive at the time He ordained. The meetings and visitations of the Lord in the end days will start to have a different feel about them, as we learn to recognise the Father, as Galatians 4 tells us, that this Spirit that comes causes us to call out FATHER. The Spirit that comes brings us into the fulness of Sonship in the image of the Only Begotten. For this reason in the days ahead we need to grow in our Father consciousness in discerning His Ways.

Maranatha! Come quickly Lord Jesus.

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