When man tries to unite and build

Genesis 11 is the account of how Babylon was born. Whilst Babylon was overthrown by the Medes and Persians from Daniel’s account in Daniel 4, the system is very much alive and well. I am writing this for the motives of praying through this warning. I sense for the most part people are distracted and are preoccupied with post pandemic getting back to normal. However there are those who are already planning the next pandemic and the next reason to build their false utopia.

Above is the unfinished tower, result of a people who rebelled, wanted renown, and wanted to reach heaven by their own agenda. Today the majority rebel, for many reasons, but it is at a very high level compared by other centuries. God saw all this and confounded the building and scattered them over the earth with new languages. God is going to deal with this system again. It is alive and well.

They are planning to make the WHO in charge of global health policy, and governments will give over sovereignty. A new draft treaty is being drawn up that once a new pandemic comes along it will be the WHO who will impose lockdowns, and believe me, compulsory vaccinations even if the science and logic does not support it. If we are reeling now from the negative effects of lockdowns then there is more to come.

In fact the social credit system will also be put in place, much what is present in China will be replicated throughout the world. This is not conspiracy theory.

We know that the type of lockdowns and policies surrounding the future pandemics will be anti anything normal and will close everything down, bringing a new level of control. Governments across the world are moving toward this, because the globalists have captured the hearts of those in governments worldwide. For me when I meditate on this, my sense is that political ideologies have largely emptied out and failed. So control and tyranny is all that is left. I am writing this as a warning, because whilst we are distracted by crises in food supply, energy prices, wars, housing crises, all this is provoked and is all to distract from what truly is going on.

The Bible is clear in Revelation concerning the type of society in the end days, with a hatred of God and His people. Control via technology, and this new Babylonian system. God will judge this in the end.

My fear is that the Church is largely asleep and these subtle changes will come in, and before we know it, our assets and our lives will be seized and controlled. We need to wake up, as God is completing the harvest of Gentiles, and a new evangelistic push is needed. Also Jesus is about to be revealed to His people Israel.

This is a warning to wake up and intercede.

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