Pass-over to Passover 6; Via Dolorosa, the way of blood

This series is treating a transition from bondage to freedom, from faith to fulfilling the promise. This series is important for us to know that Passover is an experience twice happened, with Moses and Jesus. They dovetail together neatly, one a forerunner to the other.

However Passover is coming again in the form of the Church being taken to an “eternal Canaan”. This we are waiting for now.

These Passover events have all crucial elements but the most important is the role of blood.

In the first Passover the blood of a lamb, painted on the doorposts was signal to the angel of death that these were covenant houses. This was the eve of their physical removing from Egypt. They would be exiting the nation. They would also be taking great spoil from Egypt.

In the second Passover event where Jesus is betrayed, significant world changing events, where many passovers were celebrated, however there are specific 3 events planned by God to fulfil what it really means to live out Passover. The blood of a Lamb in the first Passover means that Jesus is the eternal Lamb, slain before the foundation of the world. This means just as the Israelites had the lamb live in their home, Jesus “came to live in our home” as the Paschal Lamb.

As the Lamb is slain so the protection afforded when the angel goes to judge “Egypt” is symbolic in the Gospels, that whilst the blood of the 1st Passover Lamb saved them from bondage and death, the 2nd being Jesus, Himself the Paschal Lamb , whose Blood redeems, protects, predestines us to eternity with God, is so important to note.

In a meditation with the family yesterday I ascertained with some prior knowledge of teaching I had heard many years ago, that we traditionally associate the Cross where He shed His Blood. However, whilst partly true, is not all the truth. The whole way from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Cross is “peppered” with blood. We see drops of blood, sweated out in deep anguish, in that divine exchange between the Son and the Father. Then in the Roman installations whipped and crowned with a crown of thorns, then the Via Dolorosa, road from the city out to Golgotha. All a way of Blood.

We remember how King David desired to bring the Ark to Jerusalem. We remember the first attempt failed, as he had not followed directives set down in Scripture by Moses. The second attempt was that before the Ark Levites were constantly sacrificing the animals and shedding the blood on the road so that the Ark would pass over the Blood and God would bless the attempt. Is it not interesting that Jesus, passes over the Blood throughout the transition to the Cross ? This blood secured our redemption. This Blood resolved the sin problem. Resolved the demonic issue where demons which possessed people are now provided deliverance from spiritual bondage through the Blood. How many infirmities many suffer but through the Blood of the Lamb are now provided healing.

What is even more glorious is what is coming in the 3rd Passover experience. Revelation 19:10 tells us that the persecuted saints of the Church would overcome the Beast, by the Word of their Testimony and the Blood of the Lamb. We have seen that teaching about the Blood has been neglected! In neglecting it maybe the sick have not been healed and captives set free. The Blood brought out Israel from Egypt, in Jesus the Blood brings redemption from spiritual Egypt and gives us an inheritance in spiritual Canaan.

What is glorious now is that the Blood will set us free from this realm of sin and satan and transition us from this fallen world to a perfect eternity where we will see the old earth consumed by divine fire and a new heaven and earth. For this the persecuted saints of the Church must see the importance of the Blood of the Lamb. It is the word of the testimony, the martíria which God has given these saints which with the Blood overcomes satan and his beasts and the antichrist, it is not a Church, it is not saints struggling to survive, no it is a company of redeemed ones victors and triumphant for which the Blood of the Lamb seals the eternal fate of the devil and his kingdom.

What appears for Jesus to be a defeat, death on the Cross is in fact the moment in the context of all eternity that everything changed . Death and Hades lost their dominion. The human race receives redemption.

The key is the way of blood, the Blood of the Lamb, which in itself is a covenant which God never breaks . We must return to place the Blood in great importance as it is the way to our eternal home!


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