Pass-over at Passover 4; what is weighed out is weighed against you

In Matthew 26 speaks of Judas and the discussions he had in betraying Jesus to them. This betrayal is part of the preparation of the week that Jesus was to be crucified. All this is ordained in the Sovereignty of God, but the enemy took hold of Judas’ sins, such as love of money, mammon, and appealed to the desire of the chief priests to kill Jesus because of their own agenda.

The chief priests had an agenda which Jesus was threatening. He was threatening the status quo with the Romans. There was no understanding that Jesus was coming as a Suffering Messiah. The ideas of the Messiah was a man who would defeat the occupation of the Romans. This is the Messiah that they are still waiting until today. However there will be a time when Jesus, the Messiah will be seen; Zechariah 12:10, Revelation 1:7, as the Suffering Messiah who becomes the Messiah King.

Jesus, the Ascended Lord

Judas saw when Jesus was given over with a kiss in the Garden, that it was a major error. The 30 pieces of silver began to weigh heavy on the conscience and when he returned to the Chief Priests he threw the silver as it had become Blood Money. The silver and the love of it sentenced him to a lost eternity of regret. He could not see a way out and took his own life.

This is a message for all of us, because we all have moments where we rather receive “30 pieces of silver” when we do not trust Him to overcome our sin, our addictions. We have a Saviour who can forgive our betrayal. For Judas, because Satan had possessed him through Mammon (love of money) and it is through our sins we betray the Lord and destroy our lives. We have a Saviour who will forgive and restore us. We just need to let go of our “30 pieces of silver”. May we receive this message.


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