Last week we lost £250 in a account which we needed for bills. I live from the donations that brothers and sisters send via PayPal or Western Union. Now a new spiritual season has come and we are embarking on conferences this next year, June and August and various venues in the autumn.

The conferences are to prophetically teach the Word to the level this site teaches.

The area of finances is a difficult one being that it has been very much abused. Many people who God has imparted the ministry of Giving have been manipulated and abused. This not only grieves the Givers that they stop giving but it causes delays in the support of other ministries.

From the giving from our partners we also send finances to ministries regularly and we see the value of giving.

What I ask is prayer, that God restores Givers, that He provides for the harvest. That the Givers come into a Grace that blesses and enriches.

Right now we need God to touch hearts so that this teaching can continue. It is sometimes hard when bills are not paid. When our Internet is cut off. When we cannot send to needy pastors and ministers because we do not have. This blockage must be released. The way it is released is by prayer first, then forgive those who abused us financially. And third be led by the Holy Spirit in your giving.

If you desire to send help to me please use PayPal using as the reference.

Be blessed

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