Pass-over at Passover 1; the power of transition

Exodus 1 presents us with a new scenario. A king comes to the Throne of Egypt “who knew not Joseph”. This means we are some 2 or 3 generations from that godly era when the God of Jacob was respected by Pharoah of that day, where Jacob is welcomed as well as all the brothers. When Jacob dies the brothers fear Joseph believing he would take vengeance instead gave them Goshen and there they prospered. There are several transitions that take place to get us to the 1st Passover, and many to get to the Passover we celebrate when Jesus was crucified, and the whole Easter message fulfils to the full a spiritual application that God first started with the Children of Israel. Today we are going to examine a process that God initiates with God’s people, called spiritual transition. There are specific transitions that God was to execute through the children of Israel, and there are specific transitions God needs to take believers in Christ through.

The transitions were explained to Abraham and their conditions to their fulfilment must be known for us to discern our own transitions as we walk in the light of our own Passover

Genesis 15 God makes covenant with Abraham. In this covenant God spells out that the covenant would walk through a generational deliverance and that the miracle God would do with Abraham through the child He would give in his old age, would transition from that to become a nation. The road to nationhood would pass through famine, reconnecting with Joseph, and settling in Goshen. There God would prosper them. However the tide would turn as God’s time would come for the “Passover” where they would come from slavery to nationhood. God would divide sea, provide a column of fire, and a cloud of glory. Transition is basically that…a passing over from one state of living to another. In the case of Israel it was coming out of famine ridden Canaan to prosper in Goshen. Goshen however we look at their slavery, was sheltered from God’s judgment on the nation of Egypt.

When we examine the conditions that God speaks as He makes covenant with Abraham, there was a timing. The timing had to do with the sin of the Amorites. When these were “full” as Scripture speaks, means we must recognise that God responds to fulness. In this case the “fulness of sin” was a timing trigger for God to bring out His People to make them into a holy nation, a royal priesthood to redeem Canaan from ungodliness. That means therefore Passover means God brings His People out from bondage to freedom to redeem lands and nations. Jesus does this in the Passover in which He died on the Cross to bring God’s people out of slavery of their sins to redeem the world. The application of Passover in Jesus is more far reaching. He made us Kings and Priests in a way Israel did not reach.

God explains that for the sin of the Amorites to be full many generations would need to pass, and that the Promise had a timing to be put into action. When God is preparing the Church for our “spiritual passover” there is yet a Passover to be had. God visited Israel through Moses, and Moses said that One would come after him who would be like Him.

We must recognise that God works through generations and through a corporate body. We have enveloped ourselves in a “cult of the individual” where we have preached to appeal to the individual destiny, when that individual destiny is superseded by God’s purpose for a generation. This error can cause people to miss finding out and walking out God’s Will for themselves. We must find out what God’s purpose is for our generation, then find out the Kairos, which is the season of God’s activity. From there I believe the Holy Spirit having brought us into greater discernment will lead us in the midst of these principle markers of God’s purpose.

God’s transitions took Israel through inhabiting a land that was not his, prospering him there, then bringing him out through slavery. God also permitted that a Pharoah come “who knew not Joseph” so that through hardness of the heart of the new Pharoahs, Israel would cry out to the Lord for deliverance in their slavery. Exodus 3 tells us, in the Burning Bush, God would refer to Moses that the outcry had reached His ears. This outcry God responds. How many times God brings us through adversity to generate through us the outcry that reaches His heart!

We know this is true, about the outcry, because in Genesis 18 we get the same expression used. As a student of the Word we cannot take this concept only from one place in the Word, because we know God establishes truth through the whole Word of God! We must see it in other places. Here in Genesis 18, the outcry from Lot has reached, the outcry is AGAINST Sodom and Gomorrah, because Peter in his epistle attests that righteous Lot was vexed beyond measure. This paves the way for God to visit Abraham, then descend down to Sodom to take Lot and his family away into the mountain, to rain down the fire of judgment on the cities. This same outcry now comes against Egypt from the children of Israel to the attention of God. His response is sending Moses and Aaron.

There is another outcry that comes before the final Passover, when God’s people are taken to Celestial Israel, New Jerusalem, that is all the earth groans, outcry, for the manifestation of the sons of God, and as a consequence this can only happen when the Son of God is fully manifest.

And in returning to Genesis 15, which is the “root” of all Passover, we see God prepare Abraham that His Passover work would take many many generations. And for that He would respond when the fulness of sin would take hold of His alloted land, Canaan. We are now waiting for a new Passover, and for that Isaiah 60 tells us that gross darkness would cover the peoples.

For God to fulfil His own covenant He had to reverse many human order of things

When Rebekah felt the fighting of twins in the womb, God spoke that there would be a change of order. The elder would serve the younger. However it seems both Rebekah and Jacob tried to humanly push this along also. They did not trust in Isaac’s discernment in blessing Jacob in accordance with God’s order, they used deception. Jacob would pass through “years of slavery” with Laban, away from his land and family, but God promised him a “personal passover”, that is, he only passed over as Israel not as Jacob, read Genesis 32. Is it not interesting that Jacob would experience prophetically a passover before the sons would. It happens because he meets God’s angel and puts covenant before his own agenda. We get the substance of that meeting in Genesis 49 as he prophetically speaks over his sons. Even here the order is reversed between Ephraim and Manasseh. Manasseh is the elder, yet he must serve the younger. I questioned God about this this week, as I studied this fact, it seems it is explained mysteriously as we study what sort of life Esau led. He did not live for God or for His covenant. The mystery of foreknowledge abounds here.

For the family to transition to a nation it would be built upon 12 pillars: the sons of Israel. And as Israel prophesied this nation would transition to Kingdom via Judah, and the lineage through which would come both David and Jesus. I find it marvellous that God does so much in terms of the tapestry of His purpose, that interweaves and fits together in such a way that it has a perfect logic to it.

Passover is not just about Israel, it is about Jesus and His death and resurrection, but also His coming again.

As with all things prophetic, significant, transitionary, there are specific stages that culminate in perfection in a celestial Canaan, a New Jerusalem. The whole Passover story is about generations that passed over from one purpose to another. That is why our celebration of it is so significant, because as we remember 2 Passover events that have the same spiritual principles at work there are also foundations of our future hope, we are looking for our own Passover. However, in this series as we study the former Passover events we need to learn how to Pass Over to our own Passover. As fulness dictated the others, so it will again. And where Kairos times dictate they do again.

I believe this shift started in 2020, as this decade has a sense of crisis, shaking about it, a saturation and fulness of wickedness over the earth. Once the sin “of the modern Amorites” becomes full, as we like Lot cry out in our vexed state, in a place where we transition into greater states of holiness, so God will come in Christ to take us to “our mountain” so that the fire that will come down shall not include the just with the unjust. Never before has the tendencies been so anti God and His people that I know within our “slavery” we shall see God command us to paint blood on our homes, and our lives, and celebrate the Supper of the Lamb. He shall take us out suddenly, when He shall judge the modern day “Egypt” which is the world.

So as we celebrate 2 Passovers, let us prophetically celebrate the passover to come. For the first passover is the foundation, the second being our cornerstone, and the final to come being the whole house as a habitation of God in the Spirit (Ephesians 2). May we embrace the fulness of Passover, for it shall enlighten and revive our faith!


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