Remember Mercy in wrath; 2nd message in God’s judgment in His house

Yesterday I wrote a message concerning the demise of many megachurch structures found in a many leveled misconduct situation today. In fact this is not new. It has been rumbling on for about 3 years in some situations.

We have two extremes going on in the wake of these situations. Church leaders who taught pastors and leaders in the past are now having to resign and some are facing judicial action. There is the press uncovering and trying to get more material to condemn these megachurches. Then there are Christians standing by in glee because of their downfall.

Why has God chose now to do this to the megachurches?

There must be an indication that God is about to move in such a way in the Church worldwide that sin must be dealt with now. In fact warnings have gone out for years, even back in the day of David Wilkerson, who prophesied these days. There is indication that God is about to bring a demonstration of the Kingly Christ through the Church. However, for that to happen the Church must be able to accept that manifestation in the Church before it comes through the Church .

When wrath is recognised and seen we must guard our hearts

In Numbers 16 in the aftermath of the consuming of Korah and the 250 Levites also by fire, the Israelites murmured and mocked, and wrath also came out on them too. That is because the judgment on their sin does not give us right to judge and criticise because that opens up ourselves up for the judgment on our unrepentant sin. We seem to have a very relaxed attitude to sin sometimes until our own house tumbles down and we realise some reckoning has also arrived. Many times we criticise other leaders to find God uncover us also because of our hypocrisy in our criticism.

In hard times and wrath manifest we must return to the fear of the Lord

To see God favour our ministry or Church we must ask to baptise us in His Fear. The same fear of Exodus 19 that would have brought Israel into their Priesthood, but for lack of fear they drew back. Where there is lack of fear of the Lord we can bet sin is tolerated and there is little Presence of the Lord. As we need to be distinct we need to approach God anew, with a new attitude that we have lacked in our presumption. In seeking the Fear of the Lord we shall come into our Priesthood so that Jesus may come in His Kingly manifestation. In times of wrath His Mercy shall guide us to true faith, to true calling so that Jesus may return.


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