“In your wrath remember mercy” A prayer for the demise of the megachurch

I watched many videos on Youtube concerning the demise of the megachurch Hillsong, with some kind of glee some are celebrating the demise of this Church. I began to ask God on this very warm sunny day, out by the sea, resting after a very difficult week healthwise, needing to look beyond the reports, beyond the scandals, beyond what made Hillsong what it is today, the beginnings in Sydney in Australia, and the multiple police investigations into various levels of corruption that had come into the structure.

What are we seeing here?

We are seeing the end of the megachurch as it is today. It has become a centre where entertainment and the hype has taken over from true worship, prayer and the seeking of God. Simplicity has been taken over by professional musicians, and performance artists. There is no more dependency on the Holy Spirit because what it is to do is to sustain its machinery through its “fame” elitism, its music industry. Its pastors are now famous performance speakers, who use cleverly Biblical truth to harvest the already hyped up high multitude. The aim must be to keep the high, all the way through to the end, and mistake, or deceive the people into thinking that this high is the Presence of God.

What I sense is that the wrath of God is being wrought over these structures so that the people who are truly seeking God will be scattered to the 4 winds, but will find true salvation if they keep seeking. I sense that the wrath of God comes because of misrepresentation of the Gospel, and misrepresentation of the Person of Jesus, Saviour but also Lord. God will not allow this to go on, because when the True Jesus manifests all will recognise Him, and He must sweep away these fake clones. As you see the wrath is wrought against those plant these structures and the structures themselves. In Revelation Jesus writes to the Church in Thyatira and speaks to Jezebel of that day, and her “children”. The judgment from Jesus seems harsher on the children than the one who birthed them, in their deception. In the same way as Mammon possessed the souls of Ananias and Sapphira, Jesus through Peter did not judge “Mammon” but rather its “children” both passing into eternity. There comes a time when the children of deception and sensuality are judged more severely now, because Mammon and the Kingdom of Darkness has a reserved time for its judgment.

There is much true groaning and prayers going on for the Bride to embrace the forgotten aspect called HOLINESS, which has dissipated with legalism and liberalism. The Holy Spirit must finish His Task presenting the Bride before the Father. This means that families of leaders who preach deception are going to see a measure of “wrath” enter into their lives, as their opulent lives, full of life’s pleasures, disappear in moments. God cannot afford them anymore as an obstacle to the true Gospel, and an obstacle to God’s end time harvests.

So what is our attitude meant to be?

Habbakkuk recognised that his time was a season of wrath. He would groan as he saw scandal and sin, and the judgments he recognised coming on his nation. He recognised the time of wrath, yet in this recognition did he pray, “remember mercy”. A heart who does not rejoice in judgment, in scandal, in destruction of Church congregations, scattered to the winds, is what God is calling us to. The prophets who delight in their prediction of disaster, are those who are carried off by the same. Jeremiah wept as Jerusalem burned, and its people carried off in chains.

Huge church conglomerates are being challenged right now, established and respected leaders exposed in their failings, and yet some delight in their fall! Videos that rejoice in their failings, and looking on at megachurches falling, are not sharing the Heart of God, which weeps, because He did send His prophets to warn them, they did not heed and now their day of reckoning has come. Instead those who rejoice in their reckoning shall also share in the same judgment, because they judged them with an impure heart.

My heart goes out to the family of Brian Houston, the Lintz family, countless families who have been affected by sexual crimes, some families pouring all their finances, and life savings to find out they were used by ministry debit cards. My heart goes out to those who idolised the worship styles to find these were not true worship in God’s eyes. I can see many many people lose faith because they were grounded in a structure that had a false foundation. That is the Heart God is today weeping.

Therefore I pray knowing that God’s judgment has come, that He also remember His Mercy, and He provides a revelation of His True Gospel. May we share in this heart, because more megachurch, more ministries shall follow the discipline of Jesus Christ, who removes the Lampstand, kills the children of Jezebel with death, the hatred demonstrated for the Nicolaitans. May we cry out, Lord in your wrath REMEMBER Mercy.


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