Lessons from Past Visitations; the Word and the Spirit of Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth was a powerful evangelist in the North of the UK, many healing and powerful manifestations were attributed to his walk with God.

A man of the Spirit: Smith Wigglesworth

One of the prophetic words that he proclaimed was a end time awakening where there would be a union between the Word and the Holy Spirit. I believe that his prophetic insight has had some forerunners, like Kenneth Hagin who warned that ministry that will be effective will be those that are centered on the Word.

Our lives centered on the Word bring LIGHT

We have had explosion of spiritual gifts manifest in the lives of believers which have brought an awareness of God’s Voice and God’s healing into people’s lives.

Coffee ☕️ with God is an intimate sharing time between me and the Lord

I believe as did Smith Wigglesworth, that an awakening in the power of the Word is coming. Where when we come to prayer God speaks through a book of the Word, and a verse, opening up spiritual understanding. I sense that this revival of passion for the Word will wash away the errors and heresies within the mainstream Church. How that happens is that the Word declares and the Spirit confirms with light. This light does many things. It expels darkness which represents: 1. Ignorance 2. Deception 3. Fear 4. Poverty 5. Infirmity.

If anything that the Church needs is light.

The way to bring an awakening is a intense seeking of God’s Word

The revival in the Hebrides was a intense prayer time in 1948 in a barn in Barvas. 5 men sought God 5 months and the revival broke through because God spoke through His Word. We have sought revival but not the Word nor the Spirit who brings it. What we need is a great seeking, return to the Word. The Word being the starting point and ending point of our liturgy in the Church.

Whilst the battle today is who commands multitudes with a narrative, that political narrative doesn’t produce light. Does not supply peace. Does not supply healing.

The revivals in the past were centered in bringing the Sunday School teaching of all in the Word. A return to the Word starts the visitation process.

A return to the Word brings the Spirit, who brings the visitation

Do not seek the Spirit, seek the Word. Seek His Voice. He is speaking. Once we put His Word in the centre of our devotion we will hear His Voice. His voice will be heard in Church, in our family. In our business, in our work. His Voice says Psalm 19 does many things, divides the waters, divides the trees. His Voice is creative as well as destructive. And in the last days the destructive work will be for taking out evil out of creation. Then the Voice of God will create the New Heavens and New Earth. Is it not time for us to recognise His Voice?

The End Time

The end time will be an awakening of teachers and prophets, to fan into flame our pursuit for His Voice. The End Times is all about His Voice through His people. Revelation 11 tells us how the 2 witnesses terrorise the world because they embody the Word and the Spirit. They will reproduce the signs of old because they understand that to produce His Signs, we need to know His Ways!

The End Times is not about a Church trying to get through to the end. Rather it is the Church enduring and persevering through accessing the Ways of God in His Word. The awakening to bring the signs, need to know the ways of God first. These are demonstrated by the “witnesses ” of old and how they reached into the purposes of God via their walk seeking His Voice. Many altars were erected because He met them and spoke His Word to them, and they received light via His Spirit. May we grasp that the end time awakening, visitation, revival in God’s Church, God’s saints,God’s monks will come as we seek to know His ways that produce His acts!


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