Remember Mercy in wrath; 2nd message in God’s judgment in His house

Yesterday I wrote a message concerning the demise of many megachurch structures found in a many leveled misconduct situation today. In fact this is not new. It has been rumbling on for about 3 years in some situations. We have two extremes going on in the wake of these situations. Church leaders who taught pastors and leaders in the past are now having to resign and some are facing judicial action. There is the press uncovering and trying to get more material to condemn these megachurches. Then there are Christians standing by in glee because of their downfall. Why has … Continue reading Remember Mercy in wrath; 2nd message in God’s judgment in His house


I had a cardiac episode on Thursday. I had the initial stages of a heart attack. I am recovering. I am about to write a message which God put on my heart today. I have 2 bills and provisions that I need. The level of funding is almost at the point we can keep going. We praise God for that. But there are $500 we need urgently right now. Please pray about this. If you sense God touch you to help then consider using PayPal on to help me. This finance will keep me going on the net. Continue reading Personal

Global war, spiritual war, personal war

This week the news has been full of war and conflict, negotiations and propaganda. What I have also noted is Churches across the globe praying, interceding and sending aid to the Ukraine 🇺🇦. There is a spiritual war going on too. This spiritual war is between two Kingdoms; the Kingdom whose King is Jesus Christ, and the Kingdom of Satan and his minions. The difference is that this war has already been won legally! Its just that what is happening is that there is a mopping up operation going on. This operation is ratifying what has been won legally to … Continue reading Global war, spiritual war, personal war