Invasion of Ukraine 🇺🇦

I am in the process of writing the 3rd message in the series “Lessons from Past Visitations” I could not ignore a great event and calamity this week, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It was not without warning nor was Russia’s own preparations ignored or unknown.

Feelings of great sadness and indignation have invaded my soul as the nation of Ukraine has gained a place in all of our hearts. What also fills our hearts is the disbelief that nations across the world limited their own reaction to the dawn invasion by Russia’s army. It seems the political class across the world are impotent due to their own exposure to Russia’s wealth. It also seems that any kind of military intervention is feared because of the potentials it could unleash.

So in view of the inaction of the nations there are things that the Church can do. The first is intercessory prayer for the Church in Ukraine. That their determination to war against a demonic invasion beyond the physical one is key. We need to correct our vision of Jesus, not that He is only Saviour, but He is Judge of the whole earth, and He can difficult the evil motivations of political agents in this conflict. If enough movements of prayer are connected together in unity a spiritual momentum in favour of the Church, the nation can be released.

Peter was in prison, when the Church prayed then an angel went to rescue Peter and put him outside the prison. How much we need the ministry of angels there in Ukraine.

Also we must petition our local MP to go beyond the mere aid packages. Pressure internationally needs to continue to increase so that Russians realise that invasion and killing of Ukrainian people is never acceptable. We need to see Russian government members brought for war crimes. There is so much to do. If we do not apply pressure we will see Russia invade former Soviet Baltic republics and just as Putin was able to invade without much opposition internationally so this Russian aspiration could continue.

May we continue to pray. May God raise up a people who will influence things on many levels. May angels be released into Kiev. Ukraine we are praying for you. You are on the forefront of the Plans of God, because you are forerunners of the coming of the Lord, King of God’s Holy Hill. God will laugh in the face of all those whose intent is evil and hold them in derision. We are not ignorant of the times, we are on the Threshold of the Coming of the Lord. We say “Lord come Quickly and avenge yourself of your Church in Ukraine.” They are our brothers and they hold a special place in our hearts, and yours too.

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