Series for Christmas

It has been some time since writing in a consistent fashion. I am going to present our Christmas series which will be “Lessons from Advent“. There are elements of prophetic insights into the Christmas story. Last year we examined the “Christmas Parallels ” that we turned into a book and is in our store. I ask and depend upon God to bring the insights we desperately need for this season. Be blessed! Continue reading Series for Christmas

Urgent need

I am writing this needing a new vehicle. When I say new, I mean one with less mileage. If you have been blessed and have had spiritual and financial spoil from applying and living in covenant consider dividing your spoil and you will experience covenantal blessings. This can only happen if you sense God speaking to you and obeying that call and you have faith to do so. The vehicle will be used to go to distant teaching venues within the UK. Will be used to take my son to college too. As well as family needs. If you care … Continue reading Urgent need