“For this cause we faint not…”

This word was born as an email to a minister friend of mine, which set me on a pursuit of His Word, and from this I was sincerely ministered to, as I began to perceive the season we are living in now. With all the divisions, the uncertainties, the political unrest, we really need a word in season. This Word is a word in season no doubt as it is grounded with other concepts in the Word, other passages, other occasions where history shows us very dark periods in which the Lord brought in great servants who changed the fortunes of his contemporaries.

For this cause…

The Cause we must establish in this time is knowing what season (kairos) we are walking out.

The course of human history is replete with causes that shaped the fortunes of nations and the faith itself. We must decipher we must establish first the great cause that has been put in motion since the Outpouring of the Spirit in Acts 2. Recently I began to see this in a new light for which traditional teaching does not adequately explain, rather, it dislocates this corporate outpouring as one given by right, rather than the purpose for which we access this Baptism. It is to confirm the transitionary Kingship of Christ through gifts, fruit and ministry. Every time we exalt Christ, in worship, whenever we expound His Kingship in our preaching and teaching expect the Holy Spirit to show up. He comes to manifest Christ, the King in our midst. It is because God the Father established a Throne on His Holy Hill. (Psalm 2) Right now I am writing this going through a period of great health challenges. First some are life changing and an infection also. I sense all this confusion is all a strategy to stop this message getting to you. This is a pivotal message because it speaks to this season of God and not a evil agenda against us to distract us. One of my study times I was given 1 Peter 5:7 where the word “anxiety” means “distraction”, I sensed that God knows that when a great significant season is ahead He must remind us that our minds distract us with all that which is negative, what is fearful about things which could happen but will not happen because generally God has stopped them happening through His Holy Angels.

The cause for which strengthens us and stops us from fainting is what we need to focus on most of all. As we look out and see the things which are occuring through the nations, we get the notion of great shaking, but it must be so. For us to be immune from this shaking we must be sure about the CAUSE which must undergird us and must guide the decisions we make for ourselves, our family, our ministry, or our Church. It cannot be just as usual because all we have known is being shaken and being taken away. Our cause must be the witness that comes from our FAITH. This is being addressed in Hebrews 11, where faith not only is a foundation of all creation, but it is the foundation to what God is about to bring forth. It is this the truth which the devil resists, but it is a truth which must get out there. The shakings we are feeling are the birth pangs to the full manifestation of Christ on His Throne manifesting fully the rule and reign of a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Several weeks ago I was studying Acts 2, when what was addressed was the reason for this Outpouring, and the understanding of it will unlock further outpourings. The Church came into being when the Holy Spirit came and anointed the apostles. However the reason and motive for His Coming is to prepare us for the Coming Lord in His full reign. It is not by chance that in Peter’s Day of Pentecost message that he cites Psalm 110, and in all the message centres on Christ and His Kingship. If anything the Church must be a “womb” for preparing us for submitting to, preparing for and expecting the manifestation of the full Kingdom coming in the clouds, bringing all what has been spiritual up to now to be physical.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

I also understood if the Church would embrace this truth and cry out for a confirmation of Jesus’ Kingship we would see the Holy Spirit come and bring a manifestation of that Kingship in our generation. This is the programme, is for the Lord to manifest His Throne upon the earth, and the Father is committed to bringing this about.

Faint not…

Luke 2 has some curious happenings where the Holy Spirit used people to prepare for the Coming of Jesus, in the form of a baby. When you consider the prophetess Anna who spent 84 years in the Temple. We read that, but have we ever stopped to imagine what that was like? Did we ever wonder how she continued through 46 years of building work when Herod rebuilt the Temple? How she continued through the Roman Invasion of Israel? So many changes, yet steadfast was she looking toward the “Consolation of Israel”. So much so when Jesus, the baby, entered the Temple she recognised Him. Here the Holy Spirit also prepares a prophet called Simeon, the Holy Spirit being upon him, revealing to him that he would touch that which he was praying for. And so as the Spirit was upon him, and revealed to him, so the Spirit led him into the Temple where he met the person of Jesus in the baby. It is time to have the Holy Spirit upon us, so that He can reveal to us the Coming Christ, and in the given season we are led to where He is coming, into the Temple of our hearts.

They held the fort of prayer without fainting because they knew the cause for which their lives revolved. It did not matter that Romans policed the streets, governed over the nation, oppressed, or that the priests had become corrupt, nothing would stop Jesus from appearing. There is a difference now, the programme is not about a baby but about a King, with His Throne manifest with power over the earth manifesting His Superiority.

Is it any wonder that in Acts 4, a Church now persecuted that they rose to unanimous prayer of Psalm 2, demanding confirmation of it as a manifestation, the Holy Spirit confirming the Kingship of Christ. What did the Spirit do, He shook, He filled and He gave them boldness. Signs and wonders were prevalent because they showed Christ’s Kingship in every day life. In that place fear came into people about the Church, and respect came also from those who were leaders of faith of that time. Not only that the demonstration of the Kingly Christ brought a greater unity in the people, who professed Christ. Is it not time for the different denominations unite around this cause so that in the days ahead there be no fainting? The cause of the Early Church was always Christ, and the Father’s programme is Christ.

If there is a sense within us of weakness, fainting, maybe God is bringing us back to His True Cause so that we will gain strength, like Anna who ministered prayer for 84 years, or for the Early Church who challenged in the face of persecution the Lord to manifest to confirm His Kingship. Days are coming ahead when government will confront our King, we need His manifestation in our midst.

Once we have that manifestation we will for that cause not faint.

Until next time…Maranatha!

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