New Prayer Director: Pastor Benson, Nairobi Kenya

Many ministries at the moment receive many requests for support and funding, and very often their ministries are found not to have the blessing of God, flowing in mammon, and building their own “kingdoms”. My involvement with Pastor Benson has been of proving that God has indeed raised him up. It came to my attention a while ago to prepare him to take some responsibility in this ministry. In the time I have known him, his faithfulness in prayer has brought some breakthroughs. God provided proofs of his integrity, and from today 17.9.21 he will be the Prayer Director of this ministry. We say welcome in the Name of Jesus.

One thought on “New Prayer Director: Pastor Benson, Nairobi Kenya

  1. Thank you very much for the opportunity to serve God and the church through your God-given vision. May our good Heavenly Father bless and increase this ministry in every good work. Shalom

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