Al Houghton: Word at Work Ministries

You have to give honour where it is due. Al Houghton is a major influence as a Teacher and Prophet of the Word, who has almost 50 years of full time ministry in the USA. He is the clearest and profound teacher that I have met, connected to the late apostle to the USA John Carr, and was a speaker at the Dundee Apostolic conference in 1994. I got to know Al through Yorrie Richards, who is now with the Lord too.

Al Houghton

I met Al personally in Colorado Springs in September 2019, and God met with us, and brought us into a covenant relationship. I have listened to MP3 audios of his teaching. I recommend very much if you desire to know the Word, to listen and support this ministry by buying at very symbolic prices hours and hours of teachings, fruit of a commitment to the Word. All glory to God for His Ministry Gifts. I will put the link and screenshot of his store page.

Please invest in this ministry today.

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