Pilgrims upon this earth! Hebrews 11.

By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise: 10 For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.

This message is not part of our series but is something which God inspired me to write here. There is a tension over the earth, a cry for something normal. In this passage there is a key to exit the world chaos by simply changing our perspective akin to what Abraham had to do. Abraham is challenged to leave nation and family because God was doing something new. It is all “by faith” and yet it seems till now that we can pay lip service to faith, living out the impossible yet criticise those who are living this out when there is no logic to it. We criticise those who have to exchange what is visible to what is invisible as a Promise of God.

What Abraham had to let go precisely God gave back in a measure which is manifestly greater and more powerful.

He transitioned from being called “exalted father” to “father of many nations” by his faith. His faith generated sons for a Kingdom and an eternal city.

In Genesis 12 we read a factual account of what happened to Abraham, and Hebrews 11 shows what he lived through the lens of faith. He is called, and he obeyed, left what he had in the physical and embraced the Promise received by faith. In this time of uncertainty there is a call going out from God, to embrace for maybe the first time on a level we have not embraced. We are confronted by threats to health, mental or physical, threats to relationships, threats financially, in every level, we are being shown that we cannot depend on any earthly security now, because all is being shaken. Abraham embraces the tents instead of a house, embraces a more rugged landscape than the lush valleys of Ur, all because his obedience to Yahweh who he had come to know. Hebrews 11 tells us in verse 10 what sustained him in this transitionary state. It was a spiritual vision.

This spiritual vision contrasts with what is preached about today in churches across the globe, about a personal vision which is really dressed up ambition. What Abraham is shown is not a vision of his personal ministry, or personal riches, but a city whose Maker and Designer is God. The vision is not about Abraham, it is about God! It is about what God is projecting for humankind. This is a transition we need to make now. If we are trying to fit our family, or our lives into what we try to envision being that which will sustain here upon the earth we will perish along with the world, in its sorrows and judgments. We need to align ourselves with that which God is projecting for in eternity and our place in it. We need to therefore know that when God tells us to leave our dependence on country, family, job, finances is because we are exchanging all these for God Himself.

Precisely Abraham in letting go, and being led, gained a supernatural family from conceiving natural seed miraculously, a family of covenant becoming a nation, a nation becoming a Kingdom, and a Kingdom becoming the King and His Throne of that same Kingdom: Psalm 2. Abraham’s faith is just the catalyst of a 4000 year stream that even today we enjoy our place in the Righteousness of God in Christ. So there is a solid connection between the faith of Genesis 12:1, and our lives today. God is bringing us a Call, and that Call will cause us to fulfil God’s plan for His Church in transitioning us to eternity.

Our country, our family, our survival is not in earthly systems but through faith that God gives to us without measure!

God prospers those who sojourn in contradiction because they understand their present state is transitionary and God will honour them in it.

The country seems to be taken over by fear and uncertainty, people move in paranoia, and God is calling us to live and sojourn here in a transitionary attitude knowing we seek a city and a country that is infinitely better. Our vision of it is clearer and more evident in our lives than what we are living in now. This Call of Abraham is the gateway to a covenant that God will give to Abraham. The Call that God is bringing to our hearing is also an end time specific covenant to cause us to make the transitions which are part of God’s plan. This covenant is opened to us if like Abraham we simply believe. And in the same way God will cut the “animals” before us and He will walk in between what has been divided and will announce Himself being our God. He will not just be the God of Abraham, but He will also be your God, because you exchanged what you could see and embraced God’s invisible promises. This is true faith.

So extending this to your family, when across the world cries out injustice, sickness, ruin, we speak of another country, another city, and not looking back because that gives us the opportunity to trust in the visible but temporary. Paul talks about this in his second letter to the Corinthians, concerning what is visible being temporary, and what is invisible being eternal. This eternal invisible reality must “come down” through our faith and obedience. The instability now is preparation for the fulness of the Kingdom to be manifest and the sons of God also to be revealed.

The seed you cause to conceive is in the realm of the impossible but it is key to manifesting the eternal plan of God.

Isaac is that embodiment, outside of natural processes and capacities, but within God’s plan of the supernatural and the miraculous.

God is calling us to “conceive our Isaac” which is part of the building blocks of God’s eternal plan. Isaac corresponds to the citizenship of the eternal city via covenant. Our “Isaac” is also fruit of that process too. Whether that it be a ministry, a Church, a group of praying people, to birth what is God’s continuity. The Church has gone along 50 years of all types of errors, apostasy and heresy, and God has not been centre. Now God is calling a new Abrahamic company. This company “hears” the call, “sees” God’s city, “births” God’s seed. This way we come into Friendship of Faith in God, we become also a Father of Faith to all who would believe in our God. Our lives will see and hear what is eternal more than the media of today, will trust more in the Word than the speeches of politicians.

Concluding words

The objective of this message is to relay what God is saying, that He is calling us. He is moving us out, challenging us to make the transition between depending what our senses tell us, and what His Voice and His Word show us. May we embrace the Call and See His City which is our eternal home. Blessings.  

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