Things that must take place 4: The Spirit expressedly says that in later times some will depart from the faith. 1 Timothy 4:1

This is I believe the first sign of the wrapping up of this age, the threshold of the changes that will come within the company of believers. I firmly believe what Paul shows to Timothy is a warning for which ministers like him would need to fully prepare as this marks a challenge that needs to be resisted.

The Spirit specifically warns…harden not your hearts…Hebrews 3&4

The Spirit when He warns us means He is addressing a human tendency in all of us, and speaks to a time which marks a shift in demonic activity which also points to the end of time

When the Holy Spirit warns it means that there are processes at work for shepherds and Ascension Gift Ministries to take note. This warning speaks of the changes which need to be discerned out. It is a warning of negative things ahead. Not only that Hebrews 3 and 4 the exhortation is about how we receive these warnings. That we do not dismiss them outright through our lack of vision, Biblical grounding, or reading into our personal circumstances and not seeing “the cloud in the form of a man’s hand” on the horizon. The warnings are strong that the Holy Spirit expressly speaks.

The first end time sign is within the House of God

When the House of God sees Satan deceive and divert attention from God and His Son we know that the end comes on the horizon.

The House of God, The Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, once is the ground zero for a departure from faith, we know that we are at the Threshold of the end days. The verse in 1 Timothy 4:1 says “Depart” is the Greek word Aphistemi, means to revolt, to rebel, to withdraw. When a society says that preaching the 2 genders recognised in the Word constitutes to hate speech we know that what has infiltrated society came from the Church which departed and withdrew the clear teaching that has been handed down for 2000 years. There have been times of great contention to get the teaching we enjoy in the Word. Heresy and apostasy do not come as subtle and unnoticed but are vibrations of rebellion within leadership in which certain processes are unleashed, which we will examine here.

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Giving heed to seduction

The enemy is going to attract His ministries by attracting them via their soul not by the discernment given by the Spirit.

“Seducing” as is noted here is the word planos in the Greek, which denotes the passing of an imposter in the midst. This imposter has all the appearance of a minister and leader with an apparent air of spirituality, but their appearance has already misled those who discern. We get the example of Samuel, when God says “How long will you mourn for Saul when I have rejected him as king, fill your horn and go to Bethlehem where you shall anoint a king”. He arrived at Jesse’s house and is immediately convinced by Eliab because of his appearance. Yet God corrects him, “do not look upon his countenance for I see the heart.” In this day, we are being diverted by our senses, we see people calling themselves teachers of God’s Word yet they dazzle with their words, yet all the time an imposter, their hearts are far from God.

“Giving Heed” is the word prosecho, which means to be spellbound, captured by the mind. I believe Godly inspired teaching must reinforce our devotion to God, must cause us to draw close to Him. Anyone who captures us mentally, controls us mentally is very often a false teacher. Not what he says is all bad, but he exercises a control over our minds, and draws us away from the very thing we should do: discern the spirits to where the origin is their teaching.

Doctrines of devils

Acts 13 speaks about the doctrine of the law taking out the obstacle to the Proconsul coming to Christ, the didache of satan puts obstacles to God’s church

The main assault I came to verify through investigation and my reading of “Cruelty of Heresy” to see the different “isms” that plague the Church for the last 2000 years, is not what is taught to add but what is taught to undermine, and to subtly divert what was fought over. The doctrine of Christ, whether in His time here on earth was He human or divine. The assault is over the true identity of Christ. Undermine Christ in His people you cut and limit His power in the Church to exercise His reign and truth. More than ever we must combat these didache of demons with the doctrine clear of Jesus calling Him to manifest and confirm the teaching of His Word, clearly declaring Him and the Godhead in these days. Clearly lifting Him up as Saviour and Lord, King of all the Earth. We equate doctrine with academic teaching however in Acts 13 we see the blinding of Bar Jesus, Elymas, as doctrine being demonstrated, and we should be clearly abandoning the idea that doctrine is simply an academic exercise, but what we should be mobilising for is that teaching is a platform for a demonstration that confirms the origin of the teaching with signs.

Speaking lies

The Bible starts with God speaking “Logos” and light came, the word here is “pseudologos”, which produces spiritual darkness

More and more teaching has falsely attributed examples to God when it was the devil bringing darkness, which is ignorance and blindness on God’s people. Any Church that abandons sound doctrine, teaching, discernment in favour of a signs based expectation is an open battleground for every type of heresy and apostasy.


The Greek word “Hypokrisis” speaks of the actor, a crisis of true representation, where ministry has become a performance by actors who have no real godly personality with words that are scripted and stunts that are not godly acts or signs

Having their conscience seared…

When ministry is so insensitive, narcissistic, it is that the conscience has been engraved with a demonic human agenda

Some of these sections I have not expanded because they are self explanatory…however what we are studying are the points of departure, the points where we lost the road to ultimate truth who is God, and we can see from the passage aspects we recognise today. When we evaluate ministry with personality, we have departed. When we are spellbound by words that bind not release us from human influence, the teaching of the Word must release our love to commit to the Word, to the Church, to our fellowship and our worship to God. We must learn what is of God, discern it out, and expel the characteristics from ourselves, our brothers and sisters of the departure from the faith which the Spirit warns. We must recognise that the work of the devil to bring wrath and destruction upon the world does not start there, but within God’s people. Our ardent love for God leads us into all truth. Our ardent study of God’s Word brings us into discerning truth in ourselves and others.

Concluding words

This message is to lead us to recognise that the end times starts in the Church, and however negative it may be, so in Christ, in His perfecting power we will become the Bride He destined us to be.


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