Things that must take place 1: He made it known

This is how John the Apostles starts the Book of Revelation. Its in the first chapter that you can base the whole book upon and get its context. We can get into a pseudo mysticism surrounding the whole book trying to bring an interpretation that has no basis for being fulfilled.

The Lord is about to make known His secrets to those who have an intimate interaction with Him. He is bringing to us into a season of making known His purposes as we walk through confusing times. By examining the ways God made known to John His ways and His Purposes we get a indication of what the season of making known will be.

Made known by His Angel

In a season where God was to meet John who overcame persecution and what comes with it we verify angelic visitation. The interaction between John and the angel accompany great mysteries that unfold before John after he is accepting the invitation to go through the open door in chapter 4. It is here the angel presents, questions and comforts John. There are mysteries where answers to problems for heaven where a sealed book is unopened because none is found worthy, is one example of angelic interaction with John.

Right now the fact is we need to expect angelic ministry and visitation. This visitation belongs to what Paul describes as being the High Calling in Philippians 3. Paul counts his losses as being gains. Can you imagine the achievements of Paul and in embracing the losses Paul like John sees open doors into spiritual dimensions. Whilst the modernistic Church shies away from the whole process of suffering and sacrifice so it closes the doors on these realities. What comes in it’s place is a sensual gospel and a sensual performance in dunamis spiritual gifts. These will not lift us into the “made known ” season because it is a panorama of a sensual maintenance and survival life at the moment.

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The angelic ministry is hidden and concealed to those who are sensual being that their ministry is comprehended by those so visited. This angel to John takes him on a journey in time, in Celestial history and eternity. This must have changed the whole perspective of John ‘s life from the writing of Revelation.

Made known by Jesus the Ascended King

Chapter 1 is taken up into the realm of the Spirit upon a precise day. We have written about this before in posts gone by. The purpose being that the Spirit must in this “made known ” season to bring a new vision of Jesus Himself. I sense in previous encounters of the Holy Spirit we have missed the preparation in that He came to make known what was His and apply it to us. This description is found in John 14 when Jesus tells the Disciples that the Holy Spirit was coming because He was going away. However what we verify in Revelation 1 is that there was a special COMING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT TO PREPARE US THAT NOW THE SPIRIT HAS COME, WE HAVE ARRIVED TO THE LORD’S DAY AND HE MUST PREPARE US FOR JESUS TO COME TO US AGAIN.

Jesus talks in terms of the Lord going away and He sending the Holy Spirit,now we verify a special visitation because the Day of the Lord has arrived. I sense that Day of the Lord must come to the Church because there is little revelation of Jesus the King. And because of that there needs to be a preparation to see that what is being “made known” is Jesus in His Kingly state to have authority and supremacy to draw to a close this age and bring us into eternity. And because we do not know Him as King how we be subject to Him in relationship and holy fear in eternity? The Spirit in this season makes known King Jesus, and Jesus makes known the Father.

Made known by prophetic Scripture

Revelation shows us that in all prophetic Scripture this new day is made known. Yet in our necessity to build a life surrounded by comfort, rejecting the concept of suffering and sacrifice of all those who truly follow God we become ignorant to the eternal purposes of God. Yet we also fail to detect how the world being totally at enmity with God is slowly but surely flowing toward deceiving even the elect to love the world and subscribe to its abominations. Our interaction with this Jesus, even more enhanced that Luke 24 where the 2 disciples had a revelation of the Risen Lord we too should have a revelation of the Ascended Lord. He invites us into His Table of Psalm 23 where we sit before all the enemy and see Him confound them all. We sit at the table called covenant in that day and see once again the Holiness and Righteousness of Him who is worthy. The process starts in Luke 24 with the Word being opened up. We readily embrace the one who binds the broken hearted Yet shy away from the Day of Vengeance that He brings upon our world. We must there allow the Holy Spirit in this unfolding of His Word burn this Word into and onto our hearts. It will be the “word engraved upon hearts and flesh ” (Ezekiel 36) that will have the greatest journey in the Revelation of Christ. The Alpha and Omega, the One who overcame Death, the greatest power and authority of that time. No government how hard it tries can safeguard its people from a power that only He has broken. The Scripture is key to our hearts being changed and prepared for facing Him who makes all things known.


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